Online Education; Merits and Demerits

Online education is one of the emerging concepts in the world. This is not an unexpected development, by the expansion of information and communications technology, all the fields of life have connected with the web. One way or the other, online platforms are being utilized everywhere. The same happened in the field of education, that it is also benefitted by the internet technology. Now there are several universities all around the world, which offer online education without any boundary. However, in Pakistan, the students still want to know more about it because it is still not very common here. I will present here; some of the merits and demerits of the online education system to help those, who are seeking guidance in this regard.

Merits of Online Education:

  • The best thing about the online education system is the adjustable study timing, which is most suitable for those, who want to continue with higher education along with a job. Through this methodology, one can easily manage two tasks at the same time, however, the university may require the student to login and stay available on the web to take guidance from the teacher, which may be adjusted according to convenience.
  • Through this path, you can find wide variety to choose from; because geographic limitation does not hinder in this regard.
    • Time saving is yet another great feature, because you do not need additional time to travel to and back from university, this time can be utilized productively.
  • Self-driven approach is the best asset of this methodology, the students who choose this path, go for this method due to self-motivation and are more responsible by knowing that they have to allocate sufficient time and manage their education at home without any pressure. That develops a great sense of responsibility in their personality.
  • Pressure free environment is the merit, that has no alternate. The student has to set his own targets and manage his own schedule on his wish; there is no external pressure, apart from your own target orientation.

Demerits of Online Education:

Just like any other facility, this area also has some demerits, which are as follows:

  • Isolation is the on the top of demerits, when we talk about online education. In this mode, you do not find a learning environment which you may have in the traditional university system. There are several things which are added to the personality of a student by interacting with others. In the online method, this aspect is lacking.
  • The impact of the teacher is also limited due to the same reason; face to face interaction is more effective.
  • Due to internet issue and other technical problems, your education may suffer. Sometimes even they have to suffer a lot due to data loss.
  • There may be some problems in continuation of education or accreditation. You should carefully check that the degree of your potential online university is accepted everywhere; and your hard work and money does not go wasted.
  • Financial assistance or scholarships may not available in all of these programs. Carefully check all of the available options; if they offer such provision if you need one.

Every plan may have different aspects, but you should be hopeful by concentrating on the positive aspects and find the best option for you by careful research. Only this way a better choice may be made to proceed with further studies. Although in Pakistan, students are not very much familiar with these options, however you can check detail and make sure that you do not depend on a single source for decision, but check through multiple source.

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