Five New Thoughts about Social Media That Will Turn Your World Upside Down

21st century is an age of internet sensation. Internet has globalized the world through the ease and facilities its user gets under one umbrella i.e. you can do anything online. From marketing to digital marketing, from selling piece to bulk order, from booking flights to guiding travel vlogs it all got it for you. Talking about internet social media mediums has turned the mode of interaction with the people around the globe. The world in a true sense becomes globalized through social media website. (Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and many others) have not only revolutionized the interactive methods but also come handy with its cheap services.

Social media is used for many purposes mostly marketing, blogs, vlogs, uploading creative content and chatting and video calling with friends that helps the users to stay updated. Because you can reach the maximum number of people in very limited time it is considered one of the best mode to interact with the people.

Here are the five new thoughts that will change the way you use your social media websites from enhancing your business to creating business and job opportunities.

Maximize your data:

The first thing you need to understand is the content or data is the key to reach maximum number of traffic on your page, group or website. What it does it will engage your users and subscribers keen to visit the webpage on daily basis. The more traffic you generate, the more it will help you reach the number of online users.

Don’t isolate your social media audience instead keep them connected with at least one activity per day.

“Social media is addictive precisely because it gives us something which the real world lacks: it gives us immediacy, a direction and value as an individual”. – David Amerland

Decide to make a change:

Coming up with a new idea will please your audience in a way it differentiate your content from your competitors. There is reason facebook and twitter are still in the limelight. It is the opted change they introduced to the world and keep introducing different strategies to convince the user use it more. Change comes from within and it will inspire your audience. Being on social media give an opportunity to influence hundreds and thousands of users. You can make a motivational video, a fundraising competition, or an entrepreneur idea. It’s all up to your broadway spectrum of utilizing the platform.

Make it easy to leave feedback:

Feedback is one of the most essential ways to interact with the users from the business point of you. It helps you to watch over the response you get about the content uploaded. You will also get the choice of content people like most often.

In my view point feedback is still underrated, though it has the highest ability to increase performance and satisfaction of your work.

Useful feedback always emphasizes on specific behavior, not a person or their intentions. The best feedback always helps and trust me people appreciate it if they come to know how much their suggestion mean.

Use social media tools:

There are many social media tools that ease the load of work you do every day. There are many tools that are minimizing your workload e.g. Hoot suite, twitter deck, Buffer, IFTTT, sprout social etc.
Instead of login in all the websites and responding all the queries will be quite a hamper and hectic job. These tools will allow you to merge all the windows under one website and engage with all your audience. It will also assist you to post all stuff at a single click to all your accounts whether it’s facebook, twitter, Pinterest or Instagram.

Understand your connection to the internet world:

Understanding the connection is one of the key things while engaging online. You better be a connector and respond to your visitors instead of replying them through automated message templates.

Try to become a connector by adopting and developing such habits. Share your views and take the responsibility to share other’s views as well. Introduce your friends to the new ones. Rehan Allahwalla (social media activist) have taken the social media by storm through this technique. He really make these social media a useful place to be by connecting his friends to the new ones.

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