As lockdown ends and the sticky, hot weather is at its peak. The holidays are about to end and it means BACK TO SCHOOL.

The transition to get back to class can be stressful for children and parents as well. Some anxious feelings are normal and are expected when teens and children are returning back to school after such a long span of time. But it should be known to parents that all types of anxieties can’t be the same. The normal back to school jitters and anxiety that warrants the doctor’s attention.

There are different ways when you can tell about the cause of the child’s anxiety and concern. The first few weeks of back to school and persistent anxiety symptoms may require psychological consultation. Prior to the first day of school, your anxious child may cry, cling, have complained of headaches, temper tantrums, or stomach pains, withdraw and become irritable or sullen. Children may get anxious due to many reasons. These reasons may include the worries like below:

  1. Teachers
  2. Friends
  3. Classroom environment
  4. Schoolwork
  5. Homework load etc.

It is totally OKAY for your child to have such worries because it’s normal. But it is very difficult to make your child habitual again of going to school days after such a long time of homestay.

How to Deal With Kids Anxiety Going Back to School

Some strategies that parents and teens cans use to cope up with the back to school anxiety are below followed by a schedule.

1. Take Care Of Basic Necessities:

When the teens and children get back to school they get worried and don’t feel to eat, and they often forget to take enough nap. So it would be better for parents and teens also to take good care of their diet and sleep. Give them nutritious food more. Make it their habit of eating during lunch break. Make them sleep at a proper time so that they can sleep for enough time and feel fresh in the morning. Their routine of morning and bedtime may have changed during this quarantine and lockdown time so you need to make their routine predictable. Try to start the school time schedule one or two weeks before the schools open.

2. Try To Reach Child’s Fear And Worries:

It makes a big change in a child’s mind when he knows that you know about what he or she is going through. Ask him-her about his-her worries. Set up your private place (bedtime or mealtime) and ask your child daily about his/her activities at school and how he feels about going back to school. If your child is teenager then maybe a car drive a long walk where you can easily ask about the worries he is facing.

3. Pay Attention On Positive Aspects:

You cannot promise negative things won’t happen. It's potential you may be embarrassed or be judged. Instead of attempting to avoid these events, attempt reframing them. Keep in mind that we tend to all expertise negative social feedback, and this doesn't cause you to silly or of less price. It causes you to traditional. Or, instead of seeing it as embarrassing, perhaps it is funny.

4. Solve The Problems And Plan About Them:

Don’t assure your children about everything is okay and nothing bad would happen at school. Don’t make them believe everything will be fine or don’t worry instead assure them if anything bad happens you need to find the ways to get rid of those problems. If it doesn’t solve let you and he have a healthy talk and resolve all the issues.

5. Avoid overload:

The anxious kids may also want to participate in every activity with their peers. But teach them to know their limits apart from learning and practice self-care also. Also, try to revisit the school with your child before its open.

Strategies and tips separately for both aged kids which make the transition back to school a positive experience.

For Primary School Kids For teenagers
Get back into the school day routine End any late-night Xbox marathons.
Get your child involved in planning Set some realistic, achievable goals.
For anxious kids, plenty of detail can be calming. Talk about fears or through any issues they might have
Stick to familiar routines Have a couple of practice runs at getting to school together when they are using public transport.
Help your child pack their visual checklist. End any late-night Xbox marathons.


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