We see that before the lockdown situation, the federal education minister, Shafqat Mehmood, was not so much popular among students. Only a few students have an eye on the political system or politicians’ activities. But, with the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic in Pakistan, almost every single aspect of life got disrupted to a large extent. The aspect that stumbled down largely is the education system. But, to avoid losses the alternative ways were introduced by the education minister. This is the reason that Shafqat Mehmood did not only become popular but, because of his innovative ideas and favoring decisions for students, he has become the hero of Pakistani students. The following are the detailed reasons that allow us to call him a hero for Pakistani students: 

1.       Students Health Is Our First Priority

On the arrival of the pandemic in Pakistan, the education ministry decided to shut down the educational institutes. Shafqat Mahmood said that “students’ health is our first priority”. This thing does not only make parents satisfied and happy but students also felt safe and happy.


2.       Students’ Promotion Policy

Because of a long lockdown period, the 2020 academic session of almost all the classes got disturbed. The education ministry almost failed to handle the situation. During this hectic condition, Shafqat Mahmood came with a promotion policy by implementing which students of the matric as well as the intermediate classes were promoted to the next classes without conducting exams. This made students happy to such an extent that they called Shafqat Mahmood with several titles and a lot of memes regarding promotion policy were also circulated through some social media channels.

3.       Fee Reduction Policy

Another initiative Shafqat Mahmood introduced that helped students and parents a lot is the fee reduction policy. Students were offered 20% fee reductions during the lockdown.

4.       Reformation In Online Learning System

Shafqat Mahmood and other education ministry bodies invent an alternative way of studies i.e. online studies for higher education. Before this, online studies were not so operational. Students got to know that how to manage online classrooms, how to prepare online exams, how to submit online assignments and papers. This will help students to achieve a lot in the future. So, because of this initiative students also thanked Shafqat Mahmood.

5.       Introducing Smart Syllabus

While starting a new academic session during the Covid-19, it was considered difficult to cover the whole of the syllabus within a short time duration. So, it was decided to reduce the syllabus or to introduce the smart syllabus which is another favor that had made for students.

6.       Time To Time Guideline

Students got much disturbed throughout the pandemic and they also faced a lot of rumors. But, the education ministry offered students time-to-time updates and guidelines to prevent any loss.

7.       Introducing Tele-School

To save the academic session students were required to continue their studies. For this purpose, the concept of Tele-School was introduced and implemented which was also highly appreciated by students. 

8.       Online Education Saves A Lot

While studying online students saved a lot. For example, while taking classes from home the expenditures of transport and other routine charges were reduced. Moreover, many outsiders returned to their homes. This thing helped them saving the rent of hostels, meal expenses, and some other charges.

9.       No More Strictness In Campuses

During online classes, it was directed to the educational institutes to provide a maximum of favor and facilitation to students. Students were provided proper supports from their educational institutes in learning and even in the examination system.

10.     Educational Activities Are Getting Closed Again In Punjab

Recently, due to the increasing number of Covid-19 cases, the education ministry once again halted the educational activities and it is decided to keep institutes close or continue online studies. This will help to restrain the new wave of Covid-19. Besides this, students will get all benefits including financial and study benefits as they have obtained preciously.


Due to Covid-19 several negatives, as well as positive impacts, came to see. But, what the education minister, Shafqat Mahmood had done to save the academic years of students is more than enough. This is the reason that he has won many hearts and students will always keep him remember in good words.

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