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Rs. 600,000 to 800,000

Govt Institution

Rs. 19,000 to 20,000
  • Admissions are currently open
  • Short span to apply
  • Limited seats
  • Easy admission in university at home/abroad
  • Exempting the language tests
  • Finding better career opportunities

College & Universities

across pakistan offering this course

Aitchison College Lahore

Westminister College, Lahore

ST Anthony College Lahore

Unique Group of Institutions L...

Allama Iqbal Open University (...

Cadet College Hasan Abdal, Att...

Cadet College Petaro, Jamshoro

Quaid-e-Azam Public College, G...

Shaheen Public College Karachi

Cadet College Rawalpindi

Wahaj Hussain's, Lahore

Meritorious Science College, K...

Anis Hassan School of Accounta...

Anees Hussain Karachi

Bridge Education System, Lahor...

Cadet College, Jhang

Sadiq Public School Bahawalpur

Crescent Model Higher Secondar...

OPF Girls College Islamabad

Margila Cadet College Islamaba...

Rawal Cadet College Rawalpindi

The American School and Colleg...

Sharif College of Engineering ...

Wahaj Hussain s Karachi

Tameer-e-Nau Public College Qu...

Grand Charter School GCS Lahor...

Stars Educational Network, Hea...

Zawiya Academy Islamabad

Zawiya Academy Rawalpindi

Unique Institute of Technology...

Educational Partnership of Isl...

Kauthar College For Women (KCW...

Public School Sukkur

Al-Noor College Lahore

Peshawar Model Degree Colleges...

Lahore College of Arts and Sci...

National Grammar School

OPF Boys College Islamabad

Wise School & College

Adabistan-e-Sophia School Laho...

Westminster School And College...

Fazal E Haq College Mardan

Global System Of Integrated St...

The City School

Pakturk International School A...

Bahria Town School and College

Allama Iqbal Open University A...

Allama Iqbal Open University M...

Army Public School and College...

Army Burn Hall College for Gir...

Army Burn Hall College for Boy...

Grafton College Islamabad

Islamabad Science School And C...

Pak Turk International School ...

Pakturk International School a...

The Spectrum School And Colleg...

The Mentor Group of College Is...

Army Public School and College...

Trends Setter College of Educa...

Prime Model College Bhimber


Students that have completed O-Level are considered to have completed their formal education and thus are awarded with final certification of secondary school. Cambridge O-Level is conducted by CIE (Cambridge International Examination). It is an internationally recognized qualification equivalent to Cambridge IGCSE and the UK GCSE. O- Level provides students with excellent preparations for future academic progressions.

  • Cambridge O-Level, has been designed especially for the international audience in a way that cater the needs of different countries and for students whose first language may not be English.
  • The curriculum also enables teaching to be placed in a localized context making it relevant where ever you teach.
  • In some parts of the world including Pakistan, schools use Cambridge O-Level as an alternative (international) to the local government’s examination.


O-Levels is the world’s most recognized international qualifications for secondary level students. It provides them with a gateway to higher education or professional studies in your home country or abroad. They can help you:

  • Getting admission in university at home country or abroad
  • Exempting the language tests for emigrating or studying in another country. For example, achieving a Grade C in O Level ‘English’ is often enough to satisfy the language requirements for some universities in English-speaking nations
  • Finding better career opportunities and developing skills that help you lead a more successful life


  • Many universities around the world require a combination of O & A Levels to meet their admission requirements.
  • Some US and Canadian universities will accept students with five Cambridge O levels at grade C or above.
  • Meanwhile, in UK, Cambridge O Level is accepted as equivalent to GCSE. Many UK universities look at the Cambridge O levels grades/performance, when making admission decisions.
  • On the other hand, universities in many countries, including Canada and USA will admit students on the basis of their Cambridge O level performance alone.
  • Also, Grade C in O level ‘English Language’ satisfies the requirement of English profiency of many universities in the UK and other English speaking countries.


Assessment for O levels, takes place on the course completion which includes written and practical assessment which allows students to demonstrate their learning, particularly when their first language is not English.

  • The six grades that are benchmarked from A* to E which have clear guidelines to explain the standard of achievement. In this regard, grade A* represents the highest level of achievement and grade E reflects the minimum satisfactory performance.
  • Whereas, U is commonly regarded as fail. The examination series for O levels, occur twice a year.
  • Firstly in May/June and secondly, in October/ November.
  • The results are accordingly issued in August for first session and in January for second session.

GCE O Levels Grades equivalent to Pakistani Marks

Grades Pakistani Marks
A+ 90
A 85
B 75
C 65
D 55
E 45


Schools receive CIE Results directly from UK through mail on the day of result declared. However, hard copy of results and student certificates are also sent to schools after a week through British Council.

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