Posted On Department / Company Jobs Last Date Details
30-Apr-24 Station Health Organization, Gujrat 1 Jobs 30-Apr-24 View
26-Mar-24 University of Gujrat (UOG), Gujrat 97 Jobs 26-Mar-24 View
22-Mar-24 Health Department Govt of Punjab, Gujrat 58 Jobs 22-Mar-24 View
11-Mar-24 Punjab Police, Gujrat 40 Jobs 11-Mar-24 View
02-Jan-24 Aziz Bhatti Shaheed Teaching Hospital, Gujrat 86 Jobs 02-Jan-24 View
08-Feb-22 Pak Pakistan, Gujrat 17 Jobs 08-Feb-22 View
18-Mar-21 District and Session Court, Gujrat 40 Jobs 18-Mar-21 View
28-Jan-21 Education Department, Gujrat 20 Jobs 28-Jan-21 View
26-Nov-20 Population Welfare Department Govt of Punjab, Gujrat 12 Jobs 26-Nov-20 View
18-Oct-20 Military College, Gujrat 1 Jobs 18-Oct-20 View
08-Oct-20 School Education Department Govt of Punjab, Gujrat 105 Jobs 08-Oct-20 View
18-Mar-21 District and Session Court, Gujrat 24 Jobs 18-Mar-21 View

Jobs in Gujrat

Gujarat city is known for its manufacturing industry. There are number of job opportunities in Gujarat for applicants of all fields. You can find jobs in Gujrat Pakistan in production management, engineering, and skilled labor. The major industry in Gujarat is textiles. There are number of textile mills in the city. The jobs in Gujrat 2024 in the textile industry can be found for various positions. There are number of educational institutes in Gujarat that offer latest jobs in Gujrat Pakistan to highly qualified teachers. Jobs in schools, colleges, and Universities can be found in the city.

 You can also find jobs in the health care department. There is also a great need for IT persons in the software houses of Gujarat. Additionally, to find jobs in gujrat punjab Pakistan, you are advised to read the entire article that covers the government & private jobs in the city.

Jobs of Government Departments in Gujrat

Applicants from Gujrat and other cities can apply for government jobs in Gujrat. To get government jobs in the city, you must take the relevant test, which is mandatory for all candidates. Several government sectors are operating in Gujrat. Males and females apply for the latest government jobs in Gujrat. Government employment offers you a variety of opportunities. Some of the government departments that operate in the city are listed here for your convenience. If a job opening exists, you can find work there.

Here we have listed some of the govt jobs in gujrat Pakistan which an individual can apply according to their interest.


Civil Service


Teaching (Education Department)




Health Services


Revenue Department


Municipal Administration


Agriculture Department


Irrigation Department


Livestock and Dairy Development Department


Forestry Department

NADRA Office Jobs

To find the National Database and Registration Authority nadra jobs in gujrat, you can apply for various positions that are listed here.

  • Registration Executive
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Data Entry Operator
  • Verification Officer
  • Assistant Director
  • Security Guard
  • Support Staff/Clerical Positions
  • IT Technician
  • Network Administrator
  • Database Administrator

For more details on how to apply, and check the career opportunities that are currently available, you are recommended to visit the official website of Nadra.

Private Jobs in Gujrat

To find private jobs in Gujrat, one needs to check a wide range of locations and businesses. Private sector jobs are accessible in a variety of enterprises, ranging from startups to international corporations.
Gujrat’s flourishing private sector and diverse economy make it an excellent destination to work in the private sector. You can apply for office jobs in gujrat Pakistan in many companies after checking the vacancies. Many industries contribute to the city's economy, providing a varied range of job opportunities for people of many backgrounds and specializations. The textile industry of Gujrat is wide and full of job opportunities.

Here we have listed some of the private jobs in gujrat Pakistan for the assistance of all students.


Sales Executive


Marketing Manager


Production Supervisor


Quality Assurance Officer


Human Resources Manager




Graphic Designer


Web Developer


Textile Designer

Jobs for Females in Gujrat

The female jobs in gujrat Pakistan can be found in various sectors. As you know there is a great importance for females in the workforce. Female job seekers can find opportunities in Gujrat. There is employment available in Gujrat for women in a variety of fields. Female applicants are informed that Gujrat has a broad job market with jobs available in various sectors and occupations. There is a wide range of online employment for women in Gujrat.

Educational institutes are one of the most well-known sectors that actively hire individuals. You can find female jobs in Gujrat pakistan at a variety of educational institutions. There is a huge need for qualified teachers in schools, colleges, and universities. You can apply for positions such as lecturer, receptionist, or administrative assistant. Teachers serve as important role models for the next generation. So, do not wait and waste your skills by sitting at home.

The jobs in gujrat pakistan for female can be found in the given sectors.

  • Education Sector
  • Healthcare Sector
  • Textile Industry
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Banking and Finance
  • Customer Service
  • Retail
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Government Services (e.g., teaching, clerical positions)
  • NGO and Social Services

Teaching Jobs in Gujrat

Gujrat is a well-known city. It provides a variety of chances for individuals who want to pursue successful careers. Gujrat has a strong educational infrastructure and is home to various colleges, universities, and schools that are continually looking for devoted and skilled teachers to shape the minds of the next generation. The city offers college jobs in gujrat in a wide range of educational institutes. The teaching jobs in gujrat pakistan can be found on a variety of job platforms. You just need to keep in touch with them.

The city offers the most recent teaching openings in both the public and private sectors. Many educational institutes in Gujrat provide jobs in schools gujrat pakistan in the primary and secondary levels. Female and male teachers can find employment in a variety of schools in Gujrat.

Online Jobs in Gujrat

Many businesses in Gujrat provide online work opportunities to applicants. If you are unable to go outdoors, you can apply for online jobs in Gujrat, Pakistan. There are several job platforms where students in Gujrat can find online jobs. You can apply for the call center jobs in gujrat Pakistan. Students who have not yet graduated can apply online for work as data entry operators, customer service representatives, and a variety of other roles. In Gujrat, individuals with only a matriculation degree can apply for online jobs.

Additionally, it is to be kept in mind that the online job provides many incentives to all applicants. In today's digital age, having an online career is becoming increasingly important due to the numerous benefits it provides. Some of the true perks are discussed here to assist job seekers who are interested in working online.

  • Flexibility
  • Remote Work Opportunities
  • Reduced Commute Time
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Access to the Global Job Market
  • Cost Savings
  • Diverse Job Opportunities
  • Skill Development
  • Independence
  • Increased Productivity