UHS Has Started To work On The Production Plan Of Synthetic Antibodies Against The Corona virus

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  • 12-May-2020

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The Coronavirus has affected the lives of thousands of people in Pakistan. The virus is continuously spreading as no treatment is available against it. Currently, people are taking precautionary measures to contain the prevalence of the virus. Many research centers proposed that they are working to make an effective vaccine to fight against the virus, but currently no medication has been found. University of Health Sciences recently announced that they have started to work on the plan to produce the synthetic Antibodies  to control the coronavirus.



Collaboration with Zauq Group

The declaration has been made through the twitter account of UHS. It is furthermore said that project will be started with the collaboration of Zauq Group. This project of synthetic Antibodies  production in the health category has also received the Nobel Prize in 1954. Now, this initiative is taken so that the researchers can work on this project to find the possible cure to halt the coronavirus pandemic.

Use of Real-Time PCR (RT-PCR)

The University of Health Science has started to do the Real-Time PCR for the diagnosis of the coronavirus. This technique detects the genetic material of the pathogenic agents including viruses. This process is going to be used by the UHS so that the infected people can be properly diagnosed and subjected to further treatment.

The project will be started soon as it the utmost need of the present time to find the best solution and treatment to stop the coronavirus from creating more disaster. The decision of the UHS gives a ray of hope to all the people as they will be able to stand firm in the battle with the virus. To get all the recent updates, remain in touch with ilmkidunya.com.


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