The Government of Punjab Decides To Close Down Annual Examinations From 1st Grade Students to 7th Grade Students

  • 17-Feb-2020

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The government of Punjab has decided to close down the annual examination system that are conducted every year of students of 1st grade to students of 7th grade. It is stated clearly in the express news that the fail/ pass system has been abolished and the decision will be effectively implemented from Monday 17th February 2020 onwards.

Why Government Decided For Abolishment?

The main reason behind the abolishment of annul examination is that the students from 1st grade to 8th grade are too young to face the dilemma and toughness of examination. As the annual examination is mainly based on getting high score which can put a lot of pressure on the mind of young ones. The decision is made so that the students can learn better in their educational career without getting worried about passing the examination session.

Commencement Of New Academic Session

The new academic session will start from 1st March 2020 according to government of Punjab which will not be based on passing and failing system of annual examination. As each student will be promoted to next class every year. The decision also includes the details of 8th grade student’s board examination which will also be not conducted because the board examination is considered to be tough and highly challenging among students.

District Education Authorities Decision

The District Education Authorities has decided to change the schedule for declaring the final examination and results of the government schools. According to the new schedule, the annual exams from 1st grade to 7th grade will start from 17th February which will continue till 28th February. However the results will be announced on 29th February 2020.

Teacher’s Reaction Towards Abolishment of Exam

The teachers' organizations are opposing the sudden change in the academic year. As according to them it will create problems of young students and they suggest that the decision should have been made six months ago. However the academic year will not start from 1st April and additional 30 days of teaching students will result in better comprehension among 8th grade students.


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