Sindh High Court orders regularisation of college teachers

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  • 07-Jul-2010

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SUKKUR: The Divisional Bench of Sindh High Court, Sukkur, on Tuesday issued directives for regularisation of 18 Assistant Professors of Ghulam Muhammad Mahar Medical College, Sukkur.

Sources said that Khush Muhammad Sohu had filed a petition in the court in which he maintained that the Sindh government had regularised 10 doctors as Assistant Professors at Ghulam Muhammad Mahar Medical College who were their juniors, but the government did not regularise 18 doctors.

He maintained that such an act of the provincial government created dismay among the senior serving doctors. The Double Bench of the Sindh High Court, Sukkur, led by Justice Bhajandas and Justice Imam Bakhsh Balouch, after getting the arguments and the status of the petition, issued directives to the Sindh Health Secretary to regularise the services of the 18 Assistant Professors at Ghulam Muhammad Medical College, Sukkur, within 14 days and submit a report.

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