Sindh Education Department Decides To Hire IT Professionals For Online Classes

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  • 27-Jun-2020

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According to the notification issued by the Education Department of Sindh, the department has made a decision hire Information Technology (IT) experts for online classes.
As per the details, school directors across the Sindh have been instructed to have eight IT experts from every district whereas the main purpose behind this hiring or IT professionals is to train teachers for online classes.
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The notification moreover said that the teachers will be given two to three hours daily training whereas the directors of all the cities have been ordered to submit the details till June 28th, 2020.
The notification issued by the Education department further claims that the teachers will teach online to government sector school students after receiving training.

Sindh Government Announced Online Classes For Government Schools:

It is also pertinent to mention here that few days back, the Sindh Education Secretary had issued a notification to start online classes for government schools in which it was clearly mentioned that there will be online classes from grade 6th to grade 12th.
It should be noted that this overall system of online classes started in March because of the Coronavirus. The educational institutes both private and public sector across the country have been closed for the last three months and for this reason it has also been decided not to conduct exams and to promote the students to next grades.