Punjab Examinations Commission Has Announced Amendments in Examination System of 5th and 8th Class Board Examinations Official Notification

  • 14-Oct-2019

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Punjab Examinations Commission is responsible to execute 5th and 8th class examinations in Punjab province. The present government had constituted a committee comprising of academic experts to evaluate examinations quality of PEC. The committee has proposed amendments in the examinations system of 5th and 8th class that will have academically positive impact on students. The amendments will be implemented from year 2020. The details of the amendments are here:

An Alternate System is Going to Replace 5th Class Examinations in Punjab: PEC

PEC is introducing an alternate assessment system replacing 5th class examination. The committee has advised to abolish 5th class board examinations in Punjab because the 5th class certificate have limited importance in academic career of students and it not at any cost beneficial for job opportunities in Pakistan and abroad in future. Moreover, the 5th class examinations put undue pressure upon minors when the actual purpose is to assess their abilities. Therefore a new school based assessment method will be introduced. The schools will take examinations of 5th class at their campuses, but the papers for examinations will be designed by PEC. The papers for examinations will be designed to in a manner that it could assess learning ability, cognitive skills, problem solving and creative writing capabilities of students. For checking, PEC will provide answer keys to the schools. On the basis of results, schools will issue results cards to highlight weaknesses and strengths of students.


8th Class Examinations will be conducted As Per Schedule All Over Punjab: PEC Notification

PEC will conduct 8th class examinations in month of February as per the existing examination system. The date sheets of 8th class PEC examinations will be announced in January 2020. PEC is planning to introduce school based assessment system and large scale sample based assessment in coming years. At present, inter provincial governments and federal government is under discussion to implement the changes.


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