Prime minister directs HEC to include democratic ideas in curriculum

  • 31-Oct-2014

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ISLAMABAD: The Federal government decided to highlight importance of constitutional typically through elected representatives, rule of law and condition of being superior to all others in authority of parliament through the national curriculum.

Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif manage or govern Higher Education Commission to make necessary changes in curriculum from primary to Masters.

HEC was directed to make amendments in necessary subjects of Pakistan Studies, English and Urdu of all primary, middle and secondary schools as well as all colleges and universities after the action or process of formally consulting or discussing and approval of the provincial governments.

Thus a minor change or addition designed to improve shall include chapters aimed at promoting the appreciation of the necessity of constitutional democracy for Pakistan’s progress and the fact of being who; intensify the understanding of the merits of the constitutional democratic procedure and system in which two or more states in international and national context.

It will reinforce the knowledge base of students to comprehensively counter the common misinterpretations surrounding the subject, and improve critical gratitude of modes of culpability within the constitutional process like judicial oversight, mass media, liberty of speech, right to info, votes etc, says a press note issued by PM secretariat.

A representative of the prime minister said that to successfully bring about these objectives, HEC has been directed to coordinate with academics, universities and text book publishers to develop, within two months, grade-appropriate material, including allegories, stories, dissertations, speeches, teaching directors, teacher training material, activities, extra-curricular activities etc.

Nevertheless educationists struggled that after the passage of 18th alteration under which education has been decentralized to provinces, HEC has no role to play in school education at regional level.

Inclusive it’s a good creativity. But HEC has no knowledge and background about school education so it cannot make amendments to school the subjects comprising a course of study in a school said a senior officer at Curriculum Annex of Islamabad.

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