NUST University to Collaborate With China for Establishing Cyber Security Research Centre (CSRC)

  • 15-Jan-2019

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NUST University of Sciences and Technology has partnered with Beihang University (BUAA), China to establish Cyber Security Research Centre (CSRC) at NUST School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (SEECS). The partnership was formulized on Friday in meeting which was attended by the Professor of BUUA, and Dean of NUST. The BUAA, Professor Liu Jian-wei visited NUST on Friday and signed the partnership memorandum.

The partnership was signed with vision of promoting research in Cyber Security which is need of the time for both the countries. The attending members of the meeting were resolute to continue the mutual collaboration in long run and set up firm basis of academic research in Computer Science Field. The partnership deal between both the Universities hold clauses of mutual sharing of faculty and students, setting up summer schools for students, conduct workshops, hold conferences, and conduct a joint symposia and student exchange programmes and scholarships. Cyber security is not a developed field in China and Pakistan, much work is needed to make it effectively benefiting. Through establishment of CSRC, both Universities can contribute their share in setting up an effective Cyber Security System in china and Pakistan.

A 2-Day Seminar on Suicide and Mental Health Organized by Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences

In the wake of rising suicide incidents in Pakistan, a two-day seminar was held at Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences Islamabad on Friday. The Seminar is graced with presence of world’s renowned psychiatrists and professors. Professors of Loma Linda Medical University, USA spoke with the conference on the topic of, ‘Depression and Suicide – A video approach to treatment’.

Dr. William H. McGhee, Professor of Psychiatry at Loma Linda Medical University, USA said while delivering his inaugural speech that depression is fourth most common cause of diseases in world today. Suicide is symptom of depressive disorder. The patients suffering from depressive disorder have suicidal thoughts during depressive episode. Health care providers have to put much emphasis on treating this disease and educate general public and students and execute preventable measures to avoid unfortunate events.

Quite recently, the incidents of suicides of students were all over the news and social media in Pakistan. The ratio of student’s suicide seems to be on rise, but unfortunately no concrete step has ever been taken by higher authorities. Mental Health is an ignored necessity in Pakistan. According to a recent epidemiological data suggested that in Pakistan the factors including family pressure, weak financial background and religious factors are the main causes of suicide among youth.

Chairman Psychiatry Department at Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences Professor Rizwan Taj introduced the programme to the participants for admissions in physiotherapy residency, physician training, psychology and psychiatric nursing. The attending psychiatry experts in the conference explained that suicide is chronic disease and it must be treated on time unless it becomes reality of a person. A video presentation was shown to the attendants of the conference to explain the disease of depression, its symptoms, causes and prevention.

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