Lahooti Melo 2019 Held at University of Sindh, Jamshoro

  • 11-Feb-2019

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Lahooti Melo 2019 Held at University of Sindh, Jamshoro


This year the Lahooti Melo 2019 had theme of ‘An ode to a Liberated Woman’. The grand function continued for two days from Saturday to Sunday. The colorful function was organized by the University of Sindh with collaboration of Lahooti Organization.

Sindh Minister for Education, Culture, Tourism and Archives Department Mr. Syed Sardar Ali Shah graced the event with his presence. While addressing with the attendants of the event he said, ‘Women are the most beautiful creation of Allah Almighty and Sindh has the unique distinction of producing Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai who is one of the greatest exponents of women liberation and empowerment not a single weapon has been found during past and present excavation of various archaeological sites across the province, in fact all that has been found has music instruments and art structures.’

Prominent personalities like Vice Chancellor of the University of Sindh Mr. Professor Dr Fateh Muhammad Burfat, Chief Executive Officer of Lahooti Organization Mr. Saif Samejo and MPA of Sindh and renowned academic Mehtab Akbar Rashdi were present at the event. Dr Burfat during his speech at the event said that the progress of Pakistan is inevitable without progress of women; we should liberate and empower them to advance in all mainstream spheres of life.

The University of Sindh has student’s strength of 32,000 who are studying in various academic programmes and courses. Organization of such large event with an important theme like women empowerment will have a positive impact. Dr Burfat said respecting and empowering women are the culture of Sindh. Violence and exploitation of women is against Sindh’s cultural history and social spirit. Sindh had always given high esteem and accolades to its women.

Later in the event the CEO of Lahooti Organization thanked Dr. Burfat and his team for arranging such colorful and magnificent event. He said this event is a proof that small and individual steps to empower women have taken shape of collective efforts. The consciousness and awareness about rights of women is sent as a message to masses through this event.

He commented, ‘The story no longer belongs to that predator but has become about the girl and her journey to healing.’ Prominent novelist Muhammad Hanif said that there is not any nation in the world which has ever prospered without empowerment of women in global history. Women must be allowed to realize their potential fully.

The first day of the event came to an end with performances of famous musical bands, singers and cultural performers. The event was a success. The day long discussions had various sub-themes. Wahid Allan Faqeer who is famous Sindhi folk singer mesmerized attendants with his performance. Major TV channels of Pakistan covered the event.  The event was trending all over social media. The organizations of such event at Universities and Colleges have tremendous impact in shaping the perception and understanding of future generations. Violations against women cannot be eliminated completely without changing mind sets of people. Educating youth is about women rights is a progressive step.

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