How do Students Feel About the Result on Result Day?

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  • 19-Apr-2020

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It is compulsory for every student to appear in the exams from 5th class to the master level exams. Because on the behalf of the taken exams, the result is composed and declared for the students. When we talk about the result day, it is a very important day in the life of every student. Because they get the reward of their hard work on the result day. On the day of the result announcement, students experience an array of emotions from joy and excitement to disappointment and terror. The feelings of different students are different. The major reason behind this is that they don’t have an idea about the impact of receiving their grades. On the other hand, students are also more concerned about their results.

After the announcement of the result, most of the students are there that they won’t get the results they deserve or need. It seems that most of the students having feelings of depression, nervousness and anxiety about results. Moreover, the feelings of different level students are different. When we talk about the result of the matric class the feelings of the students vary from the 8th class students. Because the number obtains in the matric class describes in which discipline they will get the admission. The same goes for the inter, bachelors and master level results. The one thing is common for all level of students about the result that is they only score the marks according to their performance in the exams. Students whose performance and preparation are good they get excellent marks and those who do not prepare well for the exams they are not able to score good marks in the exams.

Role of Parents in Pakistan Community

The reactions of parents in the Pakistan community about the result are also different. It seems in Pakistan that a minority of parents are making their child feel better about the result day. While some parents make their child feel worse about receiving low marks. We are suggested to the parents that do not put pressure on your children about scoring negative marks or low marks. By this, they feel depressed and maybe, there are chances of getting fail in their upcoming exams. The result day is expected the biggest day for the students. So, parents want to encourage their children not to put a huge amount of pressure on them.

Carefully Choose the interested subjects

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