Google Honors Anna Molka Ahmed for her contribution to Fine Arts

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  • 02-Jun-2020

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Google mostly honors one of the great personalities that have presented their work in certain fields. Today Google Doodle Honors is acclaimed by a very famous Pakistani female Artist Anna Molka Ahmed. This is the first time that Google Doodle honors goes to any Pakistani Teacher.
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Anna Moka Ahmed is one of the finest educators that Pakistan has in the field of fine arts. She introduced the concept of painting outside the classroom. The main reason for honoring her today is because on this day in 1940 she established the foundation of the first fine art department. Now it is known as the University College of arts and design. This department is based in Punjab University and thousands of art students take admission in this department every year. She laid down the foundation of art studies in Pakistan.

Who was Anna Molka Ahmed?         

Anna Molka Ahmed was not always known by this name. She was named Anna Molka Bridger which changed after marrying a Muslim guy. She was born on August 13th, 1917 in London, England. From a young age, she had just one goal set in her mind and that was to become an artist.
Anna Molka Ahmed
At that time Art was not a famous subject and her parents disapproved of fine art as a career option. But, despite her parent’s disapproval, she took admission to London Royal College of arts.  There she met her Husband Ahmed and soon moved to Lahore Pakistan.
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How she pursue art as a career in Pakistan

Soon after reaching Pakistan, her life took some interesting turns. She founded an ad from Punjab University. In this ad, Punjab University was seeking an artist who will help them to open an art department for women. She quickly responded to that ad and became one of the key members to open this department.
Life of Anna Molka Ahmed
In 1940 she became the first Head of this institute which is known then by the name of the university Fine arts department. She served this department for more than 30 years. It is not wrong to say that she was key instrumental to bring fine art and cultural education in Pakistan
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Honors possessed by Anna Molka Ahmed

As head of the fine arts department, she organized many exhibitions that were held all over the country. Her students were some of the best artists seen by this nation and they also established their own fine arts department in other institutes of Pakistan.


Her passion was painting and through all periods of her life, she never stopped Painting. Her painting was the mirror of cultural infusion between Europe and Asia. Most of the work that she did was inspired by these two parts of the world. As she reached the milestone of fine art study in Pakistan she became the first female teacher to get Tamgha-i-Imtiaz. This honor is one of the highest achievement awards that can be given to any citizen of Pakistan. She was the first person which became an inspiration to the whole nation.

Anna Molka Ahmed Daughters remarks

My mom, Anna Molka Bridger, was born on August thirteenth, 1917 and in a close family, circles were constantly known as Mollie. She wedded Sheik Ahmed on ninth September 1939 and left her home and made a trip to another nation with dreams in her eyes.
She was an educationist and painter with an unstoppable soul for fashioning a way that opened up new skylines for such a significant number of students. It is very difficult to discover somebody who has such an energy and commitment for a reason so near her heart.
Her entire life was committed to setting up the Fine Arts Department, Punjab University, Lahore. It was her infant and it opened its entryways on June first, 1940, and made due right up 'til the present time because of her coarseness to make due despite seemingly insurmountable opposition and obstacles tossed into her way. She preceded to present craftsmanship degrees in different schools also. 
Looking at all these achievements that she made in her entire career Google has honored her today by dedicating Doodle as she painting outside. 

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