Chairman Of All Private Sector Universities Of Punjab Makes An Appeal To The Government Of Pakistan

  • 17-Feb-2020

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For the purpose of the growth and promotion of Private sector universities or the education department, a meeting was held in which all the owners and members of higher management were invited. The main point of discussion was to change the thoughts of the government of Pakistan into a positive gesture.

During the meeting, the members directly addressed the main figures of the government of Pakistan including Prime Minister Imran Khan, Governor Punjab Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar, Chief Minister of Punjab Usman Buzdar to take the notice on the negative policies of the government regarding private sector education system of Pakistan. They said that these negative policies of the government of Pakistan will become the reasons for the crackdown of private sector higher education institutes and the future of thousands of students may come in danger.



What Are The Main Points Of This Meeting

All the members were agreed on the following points that were discussed during this meeting:

  1. Higher education should be the first priority and the government has to introduce the new policies that are in favor of higher education through private sector universities.
  2. One window operation must be organized in the private sector higher educational institutes.
  3. Research enemy policies should be banned.
  4. The deserving students must be allowed to get enrollment in any of the universities.   
  5. The government should admit the services of the private sector higher education institutes.
  6. The disciplinary action must be according to the given charter of demand.
  7. The authorization of the Private sector institutes must be applied.
  8. In case to introduce any law against the higher education system, the government should make opinions to the stakeholders.    
  9. An appropriate mechanism should be used to run the regulating bodies.
  10. The government should bring a complete solution against the controversies to come in the way of higher education.
  11. In order to analyze the higher education system of private sector institutes, the government should introduce the special committees.

What Is Expecting Form The Government Of Pakistan

It is expecting that the government of Pakistan, especially the prime minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan would take a quick a positive response to eliminate the negative policies against the higher education system of Private institutes. This is because through this action the future of thousands of students and teachers can be saved.


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