Abolishing PMDC’s Central Admission Test Policy Could Compromise Standards Of Medical Education

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  • 26-Sep-2020

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According to the supervisory body of Medical Education, the Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) is expected to do compromise on the standard of Medical education after abolishing the central admission test policy and by introducing the National Licensing Examination (NLE). The Secretary General of Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) Dr. Qaiser Sajjad while conversing to the news sources stated that the implementation of PMC bill will increase the financial burden on parents and while the individual belonging to the middle income background will be unable to give his child medical education in private sector medical colleges.

Compromise On Medical Education By Introducing NLE

Dr. Sajjad moreover said that the “medical education will not improve but in actual it will be compromised by ending the central admission policy and by introducing the NLE.” He also said that PMDC was regulating the college; but, PMC will not enjoy any authority of standardizing the fee being charged by private sector medical colleges.

Eradicating Central Admission Policy Arises Questions On Medical Education Standard

The SG of PMA also stated that enactment of central admission policy by PMDC in the past had resolved the issue of admissions of the students and it also made stronger the merit system in private medical colleges. While conversing he said that the students were given admission on the basis of their merit after the test and the preparation of single merit list but now the students have to get prospectus of various colleges and apply for admission for which they have to pay additional cost and will have to appear in the test separately while the admission will be doubtful as well.

PMA Secretary General Views On National Licensing Examination

While sharing his views on NLE, Secretary General said that there will be no enhancement along with decision though it reflects the government had low level of trust on its medical education. Rather the introducing the test, the government must pay attention on improving the quality of education in the educational institutes,” he added. He said that the exit exam (NLE) will lead to open coaching classes of the exam and students will more focus on clearing the exam instead of improving studies at the educational institutions. “We need to work on colleges instead of launching an exit exam,” he said.



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