3-day conference on developing trends in biological sciences kicks off at KU

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  • 29-Dec-2015

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The well-known nuclear scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan during the inauguration of a 3-day conference at University of Karachi said that the history has perceived the exceptional great scientists along with the deep sense of literature, which is a characteristic of every healthy and successful person as well.

The Dr A Q Khan Institute of the Biotechnology Genetic Engineering (KIBGE) as well as M A H Qadri Biological Research Centre, KU, conjointly arranged the first international conference on life sciences named as ‘developing trends in biological sciences as well as genomics’ at the KIBGE Auditorium Karachi University.

He said that the solution of each issue was present in the Holy Quran and all the scientific inventions, discoveries and developments were way back mentioned in Quran 1400 years back.

“Many international scientists rehabilitated into Islam after perceiving and realizing this fact,” he added and advised that the youngsters of Pakistan should also pay attention on religion because it will be the only savior on the day of judgement.

“I founded KIBGE and currently in the dynamic guidance of Dr Abid Azhar, it is no less than a globally reputed research institute.” He stated that one must had a short-lived insight of the global, national as well as the current affairs as today one required it more as compared to the past.

Dr Khan also unveiled the books named as “Sohbat-e-Gul” written on the President of Pakistan Academy of Science as well as Scientist, Dr Anwar Nasim.

The book has been assembled by Professor Dr Abid Azhar and Ashfaq Hussain.

The Vice chancellor of Ziauddin University Professor Dr Pirzada Qasim Siddiqui commented that the ceremonial presented an exceptional combination of science and literature.

He said that “The combination of science as well as literature has always proven healthy and positive towards the human society”.

He notified the audience that Dr Anwar Nasim was a great writer as well as the scientist who had also played an impressive role in founding the Islamabad Campus of Federal Urdu University.


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