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The importance of books of BS Physics subjects in Bachelor of Physics Student life cannot be underestimated as books are the ultimate guide or resource through which students can increase their ranking as students and can improve their livelihood by earning and getting promotion in their career

Physics as a science, the major portion involves the study of the universe involving the study of the cosmos and its subatomic particles. BS Physics Syllabus involves the physicist's long set tradition for carrying out mathematical reasoning, observation, experimentation, and research.

BS Physics Subjects

Undergraduate students studying a bachelor of physics studying BS Hons Physics Subjects are immensely involved towards computational research, physics research study, experimental physics as well as theoretical core courses.

Undergraduate students studying BS physics can choose from a variety of research streams included in the HEC BS Physics Syllabus enabling students to study cosmology, quantum optics, computational physics, Nano-photonics, and Spintronics among others

BS Physics Subjects Curriculum

Undergraduate students of bachelor of the physics degree program must follow HEC advised BS Physics Subjects curriculum including the various number of core physics subjects as well as electives selected by the student. Bachelor of physics syllabus includes various subjects ranging from mathematics, humanities, fundamental science, and social science fields.

Bachelor of the physics degree program consists of eight study semesters comprising four year study period. Students must go through various important BS Physics 1st Semester subjects like calculus, English composition, and physics lab course, mechanics of particles, and introduction of computing among others.

Students studying bachelor of physics degree programs must complete total of 130 credit hours towards their degree requirement under HEC guidelines. Students are required to select their major physics core subjects as well as other free physics elective courses as specified by the university or college.

BS Physics and its Course Outline

Students studying in the best university for BS physics in Pakistan will also get a chance to study and examine the various range of physics topics including complex biological molecules, forms of energy and their diverse uses, changing atmosphere working of modern devices and electronics among others. The best universities in Pakistan try to ensure the bachelor of physics degree program curriculum is up to date and complies with international standards.

Rules regarding major core physics courses and electives in the BS physics degree program are updated under HEC guidelines. Studying a bachelor of physics degree enable students to experience no boundaries of diverse science which is the basis for all other fields of science while also providing students training towards implication and understanding of methods and concepts applied towards professional fields in the industry.


BS Physics Subject Courses

Sample of Bachelor of Physics degree program is a follows

Semester 1

Sr No. Semester 1 Course Title
1 MTH200 Linear Algebra
2 MTH102 Calculus 1
3 PHY100 Physics Lab 1
4 CSC140 Introduction to Computer Programming
5 HUM101 English Composition and Comprehension
6   Minor 1

Semester 2

Sr No. Semester 2 Course Title
1 MTH200
Introduction of Computing
Calculus II
3 PHY110 Physics Lab 2
4   Minor 2
Mechanics of Particles
Heat and thermodynamics

Semester 3

Sr No. Semester 3 Course Title
1 HUM105
Communication Skills
2 PHY242 Classical Mechanics
3 HUM111
Pakistan Studies
Magnetic & Electric Fields 1
5 EEE122 Electric Circuit Analysis I
6 PHY209
Physics Lab 3
7   Ordinary Differential Equations


Semester 4

Sr No. Semester 4 Course Title
1 HUM105 Magnetic & Electric Fields 2
2 PHY242 Vibrations and Waves
3   Minor III
4 Minor III Physics Lab 4
5 EEE122 Modern Physics concepts
6 HUM112 Islamic studies
7 MTH344 Partial Differential Equations

Semester 5

Sr No. Semester 5 Course Title
1 PHY343 Quantum Mechanics I
2 EEE223 Electric Circuit Analysis II
3 HUM111 Relativity
4   Minor 4
5 PHY309 Physics Lab 5
6 PHY362 Mathematical Method of Physics
7 PHY353 Engineering Optics

Semester 6

Sr No. Semester 6 Course Title
1 PHY344 Quantum Mechanics II
2 PHY363 Computational Physics
3 PHY346 Statistical Mechanics
4 PHY310 Physics Lab 6
5 PHY355 Fundamental properties of solid
6 PHY352 Theory of Error and Research Methodology


Semester 7

Sr No. Semester 7 Course Title
1 PHY434 Nuclear Physics
2 PHY423 Electromagnetic Theory and Applications
3 PHYXXX Elective 1
4   Project
5 PHY442 Electronic Properties of Solids

Semester 8

Sr No. Semester 8 Course Title
1 PHYXXX Elective 2
2 PHYXXX Elective 3
3   Project

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