BS Physics Scope in Pakistan 2024

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BS Physics Scope in Pakistan

The value of BS Physics degree in the Pakistani market is very vast as graduates can go for various BS Physics Jobs in Pakistan 2024 in industries including IT, Medicine, Quality control, Bio-physics, Meteorology, Optics, Advanced lasers, Telecom, Electronics, Environment control, Research and Development, Teaching, Consulting among others.

BS Physics and Its Career Scope 2024

Physicists are highly regarded science degree, Graduates are regarded highly for their unique training in the field of research and towards how they approach real-time problems of various businesses offering BS physics job opportunities in Pakistan and seek solutions for various unique phenomena of several kinds towards the fields of Innovation, Computing, Technology, Research, and latest Technology among others.

BS Physics and Jobs Development Skills

BS physics graduates should try to enter the job market as soon as possible because BS Physics Jobs salary in Pakistan will highly be depended on the graduate or applicant internship or gained industry experience in the Pakistan job market. So students who are finishing their bachelor of physics degree should try to get as much experience as they can by doing summer internships with leading organizations, taking part in research studies, working part-time in the physics department, physics laboratory assistant among others.

Graduate students of Bachelor of physics should also work on developing relevant skills in addition to working on their core physics subjects such as computer science, engineering, among others to improve chances of getting better BS Physics Jobs Salary in Pakistan.

Students should also use their spare time to build their contacts among various science companies and industries which will greatly complement them during their academic study period and improve BS Physics Scope and Salary in Pakistan.

Students should join various professional groups, specialist student groups, or clubs that are dedicated to the Research or Development and advancement of the physics science field. If a student wants to be a lecturer of physics in the future. Firstly he should gain experience by working as a teacher assistant or observing the behavior of students in class

BS Physics Career Fields

Students who graduate with a bachelor of physics can apply for BS physics jobs in Pakistan among various fields in the job industry and choose any field as a career from the following are listed below.

Sr.No. Job Title
1 Physics professor
2 Laser engineer
3 Acoustic consultant
4 Sound engineer
5 Nanotechnologist
6 Academic researcher
7 Biophysicist
8 Chemical Physicist
9 Optical Physicist
10 Assistant research officer
11 Air traffic controller
12 Nuclear physicist
13 Avionics instrument mechanic
14 Particle physicist
15 Photon scientists
16 Quality controller
17 Environmental physicist
18 Radiation monitor
19 Science journalist
20 Cosmologist
21 Electrical equipment specialist
22 Research scientist
23 Data scientist
24 Lab manager
25 Medical physicist
26 Astronomer
27 Aerospace engineer

BS Physics Job and Average Salary

Graduate students of bachelor of physics are highly regarded in the job industry due to physics being a diverse science that is open to a lot of potentials, allowing students to improve their career by joining or developing their future career through various higher studies courses.

Students completing their bachelor of physics can choose further higher studies abroad or join various other industries not directly related to the field of physics like engineering, IT, military, data science, health, geology, logistics, technical writing, teaching among others.

Graduates can have a diverse BS Physics Salary range, as salary in the marketplace depends on the years of experience gained by the physics graduate. The average salary range in the field of physics-related jobs typically starts from rupees 23,000 per month minimum and can go up to rupees 300,000 as maximum depending on graduate experience.

Sr.No. Job Title Average Salary (Rupees)
1 Geophysicist 139,000
2 Data analyst 70,800
3 Physics Professor 128,000
4 Nuclear engineer 177,000
5 Astronomer 184,000
6 Meteorologist 114,000
7 Scientist 118,000
8 Physicist 173,000
9 Acoustics engineer 69,600
10 Nuclear Scientist 232,362
11 Military Engineer 24,750
12 Environmental Scientist 161,213
13 Quality Control Inspector 73,039
14 Computer Engineer 73,500
15 Research scientist 210,000
16 Data scientist 237000
17 Astronomer 2,092,554
18 Optical Engineer 2,957,045
19 Aerospace Engineer 163000

Therefore, the bachelor of the physics study program is highly recommended as it is a flexible and diverse science field offering various opportunities and a very lucrative salary package for those who are dedicated, hardworking, and committed to putting their energy towards research and development in the physics field.

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