BS History Job Opportunities In Pakistan

Career opportunity is one of the most important things that one needs to consider after clearing Bachelors program in BS History. There are various types of career opportunities for the BS History students. One can opt in any industry after BS History program.

History is one of the interesting subject as it gives a lot of information about the past events. It does not just gives information, it helps us to implement previous techniques in today’s world. There are many options after BS history. For better position, you can pursue degree. But if you have skills and graduate degree you can get good options. Most of the history major choose educational field. BS history salaries vary from department to department.

History majors can choose many different jobs in a wide range of industries. Whether you want to write, research, educate or consult, you have many different options. Discover what you can do with a history major and draw inspiration from this list of careers. There are handsome BS history salary packages in Pakistan.

BS History Jobs in Pakistan

There are plenty of BS history job opportunities in Pakistan. And there are many companies which are offering good BS history salary.

  • Journalist
  • High School History Teacher
  • Writer
  • Museum Archivist
  • Liberian
  • Historian
  • Archeologist
  • Political Scientist
  • Lawyer
  • Civil Services
  • Public relations
  • Business and Finance Industries
  • NGO’s
  • Park ranger

BS History Job as Librarian

Librarians are professionals trained in informational sciences. Their job scope is, different sectors offer librarian jobs. From government to private companies, universities, colleges and school all need librarian. Some private big companies maintain libraries to organize company’s documents and literature. Customer services skills are important for librarian because number of visitors visit the library on daily basis. Strong computer skills is a must for the librarian job. Today’s libraries are mostly digital. A librarian needs to use computerized database to locate the books position or to organize the books. A librarian should be organized because it is a must to organize the library and keep it clean and fresh for the visitors.

BS History Job as Archeologist

After studying BS history you can participate in archeologist association and can get a job as an archeologist. Pakistani archeologist discovered a 2300 hundred years old Buddhist temple in Swat. The job duties of an Archeologist is, assessing geographical survey data, Ariel photography and historical records to find out the location for dig sites. Overseeing the extraction of artifacts to reduce the chances etc. Archeology Museum is the place where Archeologist jobs are offered.

BS History Job as a Researcher

Professional researchers are the most popular job after BS history major. They uncover information and get data through data information. Jobs as a researcher are available in all private, public and government sectors.

BS History Jobs as Lecturer

BS history jobs are also available in teaching sector. After completing bachelor in history, you can apply for the post of Lecturer in PPSC, FPSC and in other tests. On the basis of your result you can get job on 16 or 17th scale.

BS History Job as Journalist

There are many media departments in Pakistan where you can work as a journalist. There are many BS history jobs opportunities in news industry. There salaries vary from news channel to channel. There is high growth rate in this department.

BS History Job as Writer

Writing is one of the best BS history job for the people who love writing. As you write research paper in your degree you get good command on writing. You get the analytical skills and research skills. You can seek you career as a nonfiction writer, a politician speech writer or a novelist. You can work as content writer in magazines and other digital publications. Pay varies according to the skill you chose.

BS History Job as Museum Archivist

Museum archivist are experts in paper manuscript, preservation and microfilming documents. After pursuing BS history degree, you can apply for volunteer work in a museum. There are different kinds of museum where you can apply for the job. The most common are historical museums. There are BS history jobs in arts museum too.

BS History Job as Historian

A historian job is to research and study the history and to compare it with the present published work. Historian can work for private organizations, government agencies, nonprofit organizations or individual employers. Historian can also publish book on the basis of the information they gathered. Professional historians specialize in a specific field e.g. geographic areas or historical topics.

BS History Job as Civil Servant

Civil servants are described as government employees and they serve their duties in Federal, Provincial and district areas. In BS history a major part of the degree is related to dates, history, and general knowledge. After completing BS history you can attempt a CSS exams. A good portion of CSS exams is related to current affairs, politics, recent topics, dates and general knowledge. You can also choose history as an elective subject in CSS exams.

History Job as Political Scientist

If you are interested in politics, you are a good fit for political scientist. In this field you will analyze the past events and dates related to politics and forecast the future of politics. You will deal in political issues, national and international circumstances and domestic issue. Its demand is increasing highly.

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