Scope of BS Gender Studies Jobs in Pakistan 2024 Career Options

Good News! The scope BS Gender Studies jobs in Pakistan 2024 is quite promising. Recently, this Gender Studies degree holders have got amazing jobs in Government, private NGOs and other departments.

Gender studies promote students to assess the role of gender in society and how it interrelates with other forms of discrimination including native and racialism identities, ability, age, class, sexuality, etc. This integral social justice view and the trust you’ll gain pushing a gender studies degree will make you for success in whatever way you select

The scope of BS gender studies in Pakistan can be understood by the fact that its degree holders work in multiple numbers of professions, including work of socialization, non-profit organizations, private businesses, human services, advocacy, and the arts field. The BS gender studies jobs in pakistan graduate and undergraduate education also offers a solid base for pursuing a graduate degree in a variety of subjects like public health, law, medicine, education, public policy more to any of the arts and science subject’s majors.

Many employers are searching for people with a good understanding of dissimilarity and impartiality and who have competency skills in working with multiple groups of people. The skills you’ll attain in group research, public speaking, facilitation, analytical thinking, persuasive writing, and apprehension about difficult abstracts and their interconnectivity will make you an asset to any workplace. The students of Gender studies and their scope in Pakistan do their work in various fields of the market involving social services, arts, communications and media, marketing, government, education, health, law, and non-profit and social justice organizations.

Scope of BS Gender Studies Jobs in Pakistan 2024

Union Organizer Town Manager Teacher Theater Staff Public Relation Director Social Worker
Psychotherapist Psychologist Rape Crises Director Congressional Aid Executive Woman’s Health Clinic Coordinator Communications Consultant
Instructor of Flight Professor Physician Novelist Energy Conservation Manager Journalist
Director of a foundation (NGOs), INGOs, UN agencies Public & Private (educational and research institutes) Artist/filmmaker Violence educator of secularism Communications Officer
Counselor Cultural programs coordinator Diversity officer HR coordinator International development Journalist
Volunteer coordinator Teacher/instructor Social media manager Research consultant Librarian/archivist Outreach worker
Student services Market Research Analyst Legal professional Midwife Public policy analyst Program or project manager
Community Worker*   Child Life Specialist Religious Worker Child and Youth Worker Executive Director of a Non-Profit Organization Community Service Agency Director
Settlement & Youth Worker Support Worker Volunteer Manager Human Resources Diversity Specialist Social Worker Community Health Promoter
Family Support Worker Border Service Agent Event Planner Librarian Advertising Account Executive Professor
Marriage and Family Therapist School Counsellor Sociologist Lobbyist Researcher Special Education
ESL Teacher High School Teacher Elementary School Teacher Educational Administrator Legislative Aide Public Relations Specialist
Foreign Service Officer Public Policy Analyst Project Manager Teacher Journalist Editor
Union Organizer Corporate Communications Coordinator Lawyer Archivist Clergy Planning and Development

Jobs After BS Gender Studies

Gone are the days when students used to think just few set fields after completing their professional degress. Things have changed a lot. The BS Gender Studies degree give immense possibilities showing a great scope of BS Gender Studies jobs in pakistan for passed students. The range of careers varies and not limited in any way.


As a teacher, the purpose of gender studies by develop skills to shape young minds about gender knowledge and forestall some of the socialization that guides injurious to gender character and all sources of biases at an early era. Teachers develop a new view of their students, and if every teacher had some kind of background in gender studies, the world would be a more free and curious point. Teachers create an average of around 48k per year. Professors in higher education create an edge over the average of 40k on annual basis. 


To become a lawyer does demand secondary education, but a gender studies degree can make you a suitable student for law school. Along with the research, solid arguments and convincing skills are compulsory for the work, and once you get into the field, you can pay attention to on law that makes a difference in the lives of disempowered communities. You can select to practice immigration law or family law or show other minority clients in cases of discrimination, making an edge over the standard lives of the others as well. The main annual salary for an advocate is about 50k.


The variety of many arts degrees, bs gender studies program provides you with outstanding written communication skills and a broad collection of academic writing. If the world of literature welcomes you, or if writing essays was your thing during your time as a gender study the best one, you might take it as to become a writer. You can specialize in any number of categories like stories, cinematic, novels, reports, or poetry and bring to your work a variation take on specialty and gender that might ensure the impact to many people.

Human resources manager

Human resources managers tackle the experience of a company's employees, from the interview and recruiting process to their prosperity during their time at the corporation. A gender studies background is eminently relevant to this field, as sexism and other forms of specific biasedness are major addressing questions in the workplace, and being familiar with them from the very start of the hiring process can help reduce favoritism, categorization, harassment, and paid breaks. A good human resource manager who is familiar with these questions knows how to beware of them and utilize their power to thwart their effect. Depending on the level of seniority, human resource managers can make an average of 50k on yearly basis.

Human Rights Supporter

In this career way, you can implement your studies in maltreatment, identity, and injustice to use in practice and developing ways. As a human rights supporting person, you are disputing on behalf of disempowered communities for justice treatment and opportunity, which participates in making the world a more equal place. Human rights supporter makes around 30k on annual basis.


If you have good writing skills, sound judgment, and large organizational abilities, and you want a managerial role in the publishing and media world, you might consider becoming an editor. Gender studies majors are furnished with the technical skills that make competent editors, and the power to develop a publication provides you an authority on the description that lets you boost up certain voices if you select to. The standard annual pay for an editor is 45k.

Careers & Salary of BS Gender Studies Graduates in Pakistan

Although the salary and scope of BS Gender Studies jobs in Pakistangreatly depends on your performance, marks, grades and overall exposure. Yet, we can give you an idea of how much you can expect after completing this degree.

The study of women and gender is the main point in every field of knowledge now a day, from the study of society and politics to science and arts. Whether you are taking an interest in gender biasedness at work, health issues, or women and international evolution, a double major in Gender Studies will make you force the limits of knowledge in traditional fields to consider the issues that are important most to all of you.

The BS Gender Studies degree in Pakistan is also known as the women’s study, men’s study, and the other genders present in this world. The BS or MS gender studies degrees holder can earn from Rupees 40,000 to Rupees 150,000 change to the job-relevant field and employment positions. In government hospitals, new departments of establishments are being ready to change this field of study in practical life with strong professional skills. It’s a well-proportioned way of earning and administering their living excellence.

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