BS Gender Studies in Pakistan Bachelors Degree Programs 2024 Guide

Bachelors Degree Program BS Gender studies in Pakistan is 4-year degree program offered by several Universities. It has amazing scope and graduates get careers in Government and private sectors. Almost all major universities offer admissions in BS Gender Studies across Pakistan.

The Bachelor of Science in Gender Studies program strives to raise understanding of men and women's social  financial  political, and constitutional rights

BS gender studies in Pakistan is a complex academic field concerned with gender identity and representation. BS in gender studies is a new degree introduced in Pakistan. Most people are unaware of its scope and study. Keep reading the page to get detailed information about the degree.

What is BS Gender Studies?

Gender studies analyze how gender identification and sexual preference shape actions and emotions, as well as sex-related power relationships. In gender studies, we also learn different aspects that are related to women, their education, their life that how they face the circumstances throughout their life. What issues do they have to cope with?

Objectives of BS Gender Studies

Following are the objectives of BS Gender Studies.

  • To provide students with a thorough understanding of the history of gender studies as an academic subject in Pakistan.
  • To determine the main features of gender studies, as well as its branches and developing controversies within the field.
  • To familiarize students with gender studies' traditional and contemporary issues.

Admissions in BS Gender Studies in Pakistan

The BS Gender Studies is not a new program yet not so many universities are offering this as of now. But you’ll easily find some major universities across Pakistan, in both govt and private sector offering BS Gender Studies admissions in Pakistan. Just like most other BS programs, this is a 4 years programs with a medium scale fee rate. Most of the time, it’s the female students who tend to get admissions in BS Gender Studies in Pakistan. However, this is also getting very popular among male students. 

Difference between Gender & Women studies

Women's studies include the roles, perspectives, and accomplishments of women in society, whereas gender studies emphasize gender identification and gender depiction as essential categories of inquiry. This is the fundamental distinction between them.

What does gender studies teach you?

In the study of BS gender studies 2024, you can learn a lot of things that is relates to gender. Gender studies is a diverse academic discipline that explores gender identification and gender expression. It also looks at how color, religion, geography, class, nationality, and handicap interact with sexuality and gender.

Key Skills of BS Gender Studies Programme

BS gender studies in Pakistan has many key skills. Students who want to enroll in the programme must know detailed information about the degree and its scope. Some of the key skills of BS gender studies are mentioned below:

  • To have a better knowledge of gender and how it is created in society.
  • To increase awareness about gender issues in South Asia as a whole, and Pakistan specifically.
  • Examine the condition of women in Pakistani culture carefully.
  • To assess international development techniques and their impact on women.
  • To investigate feminism pedagogy's social and intellectual elements.

Purpose of BS Gender Studies

The purpose of a BS Gender Studies degree is for students to understand to recognize, analyze, and fully comprehend cultural practices and conventional conceptions that revolve around gender, sexual orientation, as well as how gender influences people's lives from an interpersonal, political, and economic perspective.

Scope of BS Gender Studies in Pakistan 2024

Many students are not familiar with the scope of BS Gender Studies in Pakistan. The programme is taught in almost every University in Pakistan. It is a 4-year programme consisting of 8 semesters. BS gender studies are one of the best fields for females in Pakistan. In gender studies, we learn different aspects of gender. As fundamental objects of study, it includes the study of gender orientation representation.

BS in Gender Studies did not have much scope in Pakistan. But over time, the situation getting changed. People become familiar with its importance. The scope of BS gender studies in Pakistan is increasing. Gender studies are primarily concerned with the rights of all people in the community. Gender studies are in high demand since nearly every provincial and national agency wants someone with specialist knowledge of gender studies and gender relations.

Characteristics of Gender Studies

The characteristics of BS gender studies referred to the importance of its study. The academic study of gender phenomena is known as gender studies. We learn about what exactly does 'gender' imply? Contrast has been made between feminist and non-feminist ideas formed up of the words sex and 'gender.' Sex Here, the term "either" refers to the fact of being one of two things male or female, as well as the gender of the person.

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