BS Chemistry Career Opportunities

You can find information regarding the career opportunities of BS Chemistry which students can consider after the graduation in BS Chemistry.

Chemists are experts in the science field involving various chemical processes, matter properties, organic matter studies, and other various chemical analyses. If you have the desire for exploration of various matter and properties involved through quantitative chemical analysis or research for developing new methods for processing organic matter characteristics then the field of chemistry is perfect for you.

BS Chemistry program 2024 offers various jobs whose working nature changes according to the requirements of the company and thus dynamic working qualifications and requirements might be necessary. The following jobs will guide you in selecting the best job according to your interests. 

Career for BS Chemistry in Pakistan 2024 Table of Contents

A chemist is a scientist who has received training in the field of chemistry. Chemists are experts in the study of matter's composition and qualities. If you have a strong interest in or aptitude for chemistry, or if you want to work forward towards a chemistry degree, you might be interested in learning more about possible professions in the field. BS Chemistry jobs in Pakistan is vary in terms of nature, pay, and required qualifications. BS Chemistry salary increases from time to time. The information and list below are designed to assist you in determining which chemistry career is appropriate for you.

Analytical Chemist

Study of the use of various chemical substances, components, and quantities involved in various chemical reactions and behaviors apply to the job duties of Analytical Chemist. Chemists can use various tests like drug analysis and add other substances like food to analyze the effects of various conditions and chemical reactions in order to come to conclusions for food safety concerning human consumption.

Chemical Engineer

The role of chemical engineers in today’s scientific world cannot be denied as they use their expert knowledge of chemistry and various chemical process involved to create new energy materials and procedures for creating of renewable energy products. They can create oil by using various plastic materials.

Chemistry Teacher

Why not utilize your competitive knowledge and strong analytical skills serving as a professional lecturer or teacher among various top-ranking public and private universities and educational institutes. Universities have very high educational criteria and merit requirements as M.Phil. or Ph.D. degree for serving as a lecturer or associate teacher in leading universities and institutes.

Forensic Scientist

You can apply for becoming a forensic expert, chemical scientist, or senior lab assistant among various leading scientific labs and public departments after studying for a degree in chemistry like BS chemistry. Chemical scientists are highly paid individuals serving in various public science departments with a high pay scale.


The role of geochemists in our advanced scientific community cannot be ignored as they serve to study various physical and chemical properties of various materials like rocks and minerals. They use their scientific knowledge in understanding and contributing towards the effective study of various chemical components and their effects like how water affects the soil.

Hazardous Waste Chemist

The role of chemists involving hazardous waste study and analysis cannot be more highly valued as they use their scientific expertise to study and identify the various harmful chemicals and components that are present in the soil, air, and water and provide well-researched reports and results evaluations the chemical dangers of being exposed to hazardous materials and steps for containment or removal.

Materials Scientist

The role of material scientists for studying various natural substances and involved chemical composition and properties as to how they interact with one another while being exposed to certain material or conditions simply must not be underestimated. Their role is very important in the scientific community toward the enhancement of various new chemical materials for fulfilling various human needs.


Usage of drugs and various testing materials are very important in our daily life as we all get sick and pharmacologists provide insight towards the testing and development of various drugs and their interaction with external biological systems.

They are responsible for analyzing various drugs towards human usage safety and trial of experimental drugs on animals or humans. They have to run various lab experiments in the most non standard working periods to evaluate and monitor the results of newly developed vaccines and drugs.


Individuals who study the varying effects of chemicals and medical drugs on various biological systems and their results on various substances like milk testing or safe for human food consumption or not. They develop various scientific working methodologies while working in advanced science labs to analyze the various effects of harmful substances and diagnose or judge regarding what safety procedure or quantity will be required to remedy the problems. 

Water Chemist

The water chemists work day and night for analyzing, maintaining, and ensuring that water consumption for human quality and chemical composition is safe for human consumption as water is essential for human life. You can earn a very highly paid water chemists position among various leading laboratories in the public and private sector.

Top jobs for chemistry are discussed with details upper, you can also choose from the following jobs written below as your career.

Sr.No Top jobs are discuss upper, you can also choose from these jobs as career
1 Crystallographer
2 Industrial Management
3 Chemical Health & Safety Professional
4 Quality Assurance officer
5 Regulatory Affairs Pharmacists
6 Quality Controller
7 Technical Support Professional
8 Formulation Chemistry
9 Process Chemistry
10 Hazardous Waste Management chemist Science Policy Analysts
11 Food Scientist
12 Brewmaste
13 Exploration Geophycisist
14 Chemist
15 Laboratory Manager
16 Pharmaceutical chemist
17 Quality Controller
18 Geological and Geophysical Technologist
19 Pulping and Bleaching Manager
20 Technical Sales Representative
21 Textile chemist
22 Biochemistry Technologist
23 Environmental Policy Maker
24 Paint Formulation Chemist
25 Pharmacologist
26 Safety Officer
27 Health Care Administrator
28 Hydrometric Technologist
29 Pharmacist
30 Technical Writer / Editor
31 Medical Lab Tech
32 Astrochemist
33 Chemical Analyst
34 Magnetic Resonance Technologist
35 Plant Manager
36 Water Purification Chemist
37 Refinery and Upgrader Process Operator
38 Sustainability Specialist
39 Medical Researcher
40 Nanotechnologist
41 Energy Asset Management Professional
42 Regulatory / Government Affairs Specialist
43 Chemical Physicist
44 Patent Agent
45 Industrial Hygienist
46 Environmental Consultant
47 Non-Destructive Testing Technician
48 Specialty Chemicals Production Supervisor
49 Petroleum Engineering Technologist
50 Food and Beverage Processing Grader
51 Systems Security Analyst
52 Snubbing Services Operator and Supervisor
53 Material Scientist
54 Pollution Control Technologist
55 Epidemiologist
56 Plastics Processing Manager
57 Industrial Designer
58 Combined Laboratory and X-Ray Technologist
59 Nuclear Medicine Technologist
60 Research and Development Manager

Chemistry is traditionally divided into five subdisciplines that are organic, physical, inorganic, analytical, and biochemistry. The jobs that are given above are the most famous jobs Career Opportunities for BS Chemistry. Chemistry students can earn up to 2 lac in their starting career in Pakistan. The scope of chemistry is increasing day by day. So those Candidates who want to continue this field will meet the best opportunities in the future.

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