We want a change but without a change

Change is an inevitable feature of life. Life is so capricious that it can not keep itself in one state; means sometimes it wears the cover of happiness while sometimes it presents itself as a thing of disappointment. This dynamic nature of life is in a sense a a blessing because life it i was in one stste, hardly there would have been anyone to go through it that is why life is tatstless without a change. This dynamic nature has not been confined to life itself but it has cast its impact on those towhom it has been blessed; means humaqn beings. Humans like their lives also like changes but there is one problem which is, i think some of us face that is we want to change but without a change.

We want a change? What does it mean? I would like to define what is that change that we all wish for. Change is a mans' envisaged stage of life which he feels, would be better than the one in the present. Such a change exists in the nature of all men because for every one there is some stage which he considers ideal. Upto this point all men are equal . There is no distinction among men in apprehending wish for such type of change.

Difference comes when point comes to the attainment of that change becauuse everyone knows what he should be but does not knoow how he should be to attain what he should be. To bring change in one's life means one has to completely enter a different mode of of life which will have its own conditions, challenges and way of living:; where one willl be tested for its claim towardes change through tough times. One can not attain change with the same desired old attitude which has brought him to a point in lifge from which he wants to get rid of.

Every change, that we want in life, brings with itself a new set of challenges towhich one needs to adjust oneself to acquir that cahnge e.g there is a student who wants to achieve high academis performance which is a in a sense a change for him but he is fond of spending more time with friendss in chit-chat. He is not serious to he wants to achieve therefore he can not attain that change until he bows his head before all those things what are required to attain that change; that is , i believe, commitment amd hard work in this case.

This thing is present in our psyche not only at individual level but also exists at collective level as a nation. Our desire to see every thing at its best in our country at its best, that is tloerance, justice and accountability, is present and these are the changes in a sense that we collectively wish for but what all these changes require from us , we are not ready to meet.We want tolerance but what tolerance rquires that is to tolerate each other in matters of trivial nature, we are not ready to do it. We want accountability but do not want to be made accountable for something. we ask nfor justice but do not want to do anything in just manner.

This type of normative approach leaves a person in lurch. One's life becomes unfocused and directionless.One's power of concentration is lost. One's example is like that passenger who knows his destiny but does not know the means to approach it. This state of mind takes all the lust of life and life in reality seems a burden. What message i want to convey to those who believe in a change but without a change is that definitely life should be led led in changing styles but every change has got its own requirements which if one knows and makes himself adjusted to it at the right time then life becomes goal directed and seems a blessing in reality.

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