It was a beautiful and charming morning of winter and everything was looking colorful but I was quite uneasy and unstrung. I even could not sleep properly the previous night. It was not because there was something horribly wrong but because I was suffering from a serious inner conflict. Actually it was my 1st day at university and it was the only reason of why I was disoriented mentally.

I entered in university with chary and demure face, scared eyes, and unmanageable thoughts and was really conscious about everything. But my trust on Merciful ALLAH supported me even at that time when there was no one to help me. Even in the boundaries of university HE blessed me with such virtuoso persons in the form of my teachers for whose long life and prosperity I always pray.

Ms AKeela was my instructor at Hajvery University who was tall, young, genius, pretty, attractive, and a religious kind of person. I learned a lot from her. She was basically an English teacher but knowingly or unknowingly she had given me some golden principles of living life. I observed many plus points in her but the thing which I liked most was how to build confidence under all circumstances although she never deliver even a single lecture on this topic but her teaching taught me this thing.

Prof Dilawar Hussain was really a genius instructor . I was really impressed by him because of his vast knowledge as he was always ready to speak on any issue or topic. I really improved my writing skills under his guidance. He was so humble, co-operative and informative infect he was just like a source of information who provides us latest and up-to-date information not only about our subject but also about current affairs and about history.

I just love Ms Ayesha Sohail a gorgeous young teacher who smiles like kids. She was really serious with her profession. She was a computer teacher but taught us not only the subject but also that how problems can be solved with patience. She was really magnanimous.

Ms Sahar was just like a model teacher. She was so active and genius and was too young that at first it was really difficult to believe that she is a teacher. From mam Sahar I learned that time and age limit are nothing, one can do anything at any time and at any age.

Sir Shafique who taught me just for two months was really genius person and taught me that how can we express ourselves through poetry.

Ms Akifa was really a nice teacher who knows very well how to create a friendly atmosphere in the class room.

Ms Anjum was no doubt a genius and mind blowing sort of person, having a lot of information about history of English language. The thing which I liked most about her was her busy routine , her involvement in her subject and a natural habit to avoid irrelevant conversations during class timings.

Mrs Shaukat Jahan was and still is such a perfect teacher who helped me a lot in developing my personality. She is great, kind, humble, pious, noble and religious lady and I really liked her humor and mild jokes which she often delivers during class to make her lesson interesting and attractive.

Ms Nazia who never taught me even a single word was/is really nice ,kind, and charming lady. I liked her not only because she helped me a lot but because she is all the time ready to help everyone.

A person who gave me a lot of favor, treat me with care, look at me with kindness, humble and pious, good looking and co-operative, always ready to solve the problems of university students, precious and trustworthy is the greatest blessing of God at Hajvery university. I am really impressed by Mej Nazar Abbas who is the most likable personality at Hajvery University. May God bless him and bestowed him with His countless blessings.

God has bestowed us with many blessings in which teacher’s and parents are the greatest blessing. Infect teachers are spiritual parents and I love my parents whether they are real or spiritual and I am really thankful to Hajvery University for giving me such superb gifts.

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