Government jobs in Pakistan are of great value for every Pakistani. They are considered highly profitable and a golden opportunity for students who are freshly graduated from universities all around Pakistan. Government jobs have numerous benefits, and it is considered a job which promises a much secured future. The promotion criteria is Predetermined and fixed. You get countless facilities including living and healthcare facilities.

Even after retirement there are so many programs to support a government job holder. Post retirement pension make you feel less worried for the life after retirement. What kind of Government Job you will get depends on how impactful and strong your degree is. This article will highlight some of the most desirable government jobs in Pakistan that every student wishes for after graduation.

{C}·     CSS officers

To be CSS officer of Pakistan you have to pass the most difficult and nerve wrecking CSS exam and an interview. CSS officers are considered to be the most intelligent students and cream of Pakistan. Becoming a CSS officer is every graduate’s dream. To be a CSS officer there are a few requirements. Firstly you should be a Pakistani citizen. Secondly, you should have a bachelor’s degree in any major or program of your choice. Passing your bachelor’s degree in second division is a must.

After passing the CentralSuperior Services exam you are directly appointed as a 17th grade officer, with a good salary package and many more facilities including security, an officer house and much more. CSS officers are allocated in different cities and divisions.

·     Professors/ Teachers


Teaching is considered to be the most respectable profession in Pakistan. You can apply to be a professor or a teacher after Mater or M.Phil. degree. Students with a Ph.D. degree are considered to be the top most priority.  A University level Government Professor starts its job with a 17th grade. Job offers to school teacher through educators starts with the 9th grade.

Students with good academic background and grades are considered eligible for this job. There are two categories in this profession, first, a contractual job which you can get after necessary interview by the university officials this is basically a one year contract and you will have to renew your contract every year, on the other hand to secure a permanent place in this profession you will have to pass the PPSC exam. Permanent job through PPSC is way better than the contractual one because you get more facilities and a good monthly salary package.

·     Jobs in Police Forces


To be in the police forces of Pakistan after graduation one need to pass the test conducted by the forces and the interviews following a period of strenuous training. All sort of information regarding the grades and salary package will be available on the website. They are assigned different grades depending upon their posts and it ranges from 9th to 14th for starting post after which it can go up after promotions.

 ·    Bankers


Graduates of Master level degrees in Finance, Business administration and information technology and computer science can apply for this job. Government Bankers get handsome salary in Government banks other than the private banks. They work for the better economic progress of Pakistan.

·     Medical Students



Graduated students of medicine all around Pakistan become successful in securing jobs in some of the most successful Government hospitals in our country, as it is every student’s wish also. After house jobs medical students have to pass another PPSC exam.  Their starting grade is 17th and although it is a strenuous job but the facilities and pay packages are quite great for doctors.

·      Accounting



It is always questioned if Chartered Accountants can have a Government Job in Pakistan and the answer is yes. There are seats for this Post and qualified graduates can easily get a job. Chartered Accountant jobs offer a handsome pay package with other housing and healthcare benefits from the Government.

·     Army Officers