The girls are increasingly joining the professional field that depicts the women empowerment in the society. During the past few years, the trends have been changed providing more job opportunities to the girls in various fields. Today they join adverse areas and their achievements are also being applauded.
There is no denying that many developments have been made in the favor of the girls but still, they have to face many persistent challenges while playing the role in the growth and the development of the country. The following are the top 10 challenges the girls are likely to encounter.
being a women today in society

1. Longitudinal distribution of opportunities

One of the biggest challenges the girls usually face is the longitudinal distribution of the opportunities.There are several issues with the family setups and class that down-regulate the potential by the utter discrimination. Only in some cases the girls being able to realize their abilities by the stroke of the good fortune and flourish in the professional field.Many people ask Can Homebased Jobs in Pakistan is Good Option.

2. Sexual Harassment

This problem becomes more evident in the past few years and becomes an entrenched hurdle for the girls.This is one of the main issue being women faced today in society. This loses their confidence and they cannot be able to put their hard work to excel in professional life. The inappropriate behavior of the other employees results in low engagement and persistent job turnover. Moreover, due to such worst situations, the girls also suffer from anxiety and depression and quit their jobs.

3. Career Advancement

Every person wanted to climb the career ladder to reach the heights of success. However this might be challenging for the young professional girls, they need to put extra effort to gain recognition. It is the common perception of our society that men are more competent to excel in the career as compared to women. This is not the fact as the girls do not encounter wider advancement opportunities in the male-dominated society.

4. Work-Life Imbalance

Work-life balance is the most noticeable challenge that nowadays faced by the girls. They consider it hard to maintain balance in the household chores and work commitments at the same time. Their personal life tends to suffer if they have some important projects that need extra time and attention to complete. In such cases, their family feels neglected and they have to manage their time to avoid the work-life imbalance.

5. Fear

The girls generally fear to take the risks in certain scenarios that might lead to failure. The fear always hold back their actual skills and the girls feel insecure that results in the downfall of the performance and they considered it difficult to maintain the job.

6. Gender Preference

The girls have to deal with the daunting roadblocks during the professional like such as the people’s attitudes and behaviors. Working girls face a set of challenges based on gender discrimination as well as the difference in culture, race, and ethnicity. The girls confront inequities in the everyday interaction with the other people of the workplace.

7. Wage Gap

In today’s working environment the wage gap is the most discussed issue. The girls still earn less than men. It is quite clear that women earn a low salary compared with men for the same position. So it took more time in the case of the girls to catch up on the earnings of the men. There should be the implementation of the non-negotiation policies to tackle this issue.

8. Ego Clashes

The most prevalent challenge is the egoistic clash between males and females. This kind of inequality exists and damaging society by the negative approach. The need of the hour is to provide the equal space to the girls so that they can progress in the professional field and quit the ego clashes to maintain the balance.  

9. Inflexible Work Schedule 

Having an inflexible working schedule is the fundamental challenge faced by the girls. Flexible arrangements should be provided as an effective measure to support the girls so that they can focus their attention on output rather than spending an enormous amount of time idly.

10. Unsupportive Behavior of Staff

Many girls feel excluded in professional life because of the unsupportive behavior of the staff members. It affects their productivity level and brought them down through a negative attitude. The more frustration they face the more likely they wanted to step back from the professional life.These are the Current Woments Issues.

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