Learning how to manage time effectively is a particular skill that every student should have in his or her inventory. As school days march on towards the end, assignments, homework, and schoolwork start piling up. Those students who are unable to manage their time properly find it difficult – sometimes impossible – to complete their work before deadlines. Being unable to finish tasks within the due date can lead some students to feel inadequate, stressed, and frustrated. 

In this article, we have compiled a list of time management strategies that students can incorporate into their study and work routines. By adhering to these few tips, you will be able to hone your time management skills; in the 21st century, this is an important skill, which is high in demand. These tips are appropriate for students of all age groups and disciplines.  Continue reading this article to put behind your days of stress and worry.

Why is it Important for You to Manage Your Time

Time management skills are required in every aspect of student lives from submitting assignments on time to learning test topics. Being able to efficiently manage your time enables you to meet deadlines, submit school work on time, and find enough time to read more about topics discussed in class etc. Apart from this, as students enter colleges and universities they are expected to deal with balance various subjects, group projects, tests, extra-curricular while balancing social lives. A good set of time management skills allow you to strike a perfect balance between student and social lives.

Follow these time management tips to become a productive student


1. Make a Master Schedule

In a master schedule, you note all the dates on which particular assignments or tests are due for the month. This timetable can be broken down to weekly or daily schedules. On this schedule, you jot down all the commitments who have e.g. lunch with friends, application deadline, final term paper etc. Through this schedule, you will be able to know which tasks to prioritize and complete first. Moreover, it also provides you with a structure to carry out your days and saves you from the traps of procrastination.

2. Remove Distractions 

Since the advancements in technologies and invention of smartphone devices, attention-grabbing devices have invaded a large part of our lives. Social media platforms, television, video games, and other gadgets/applications take away your time and hence the ability to manage time effectively. If you want to become better at managing your time then remove distractions from the spaces you work in. For instance, when you sit down to study, switch off your mobile phone, and sit in a quiet place, which is away from pesty distractions. This single tip can drastically increase your productivity. 

3. Stop Multitasking 

Most students believe that multitasking helps them to finish their tasks in a short amount of time. However, the opposite of this is true. By working on two tasks at the same time, you divide your attention this leads your work/assignment/exam preparation to lack details. Learning to do one thing at a time will not only bring in more clarity in what you are studying but it will also allow you to connect the dots between different concepts that you are learning. 

4. Shorten Your Study Sessions

A great number of researches show that people can actively focus for only 30 minutes. From this piece of information, we can deduce that when studying or making assignments students should dedicate 30 minutes to studying followed by a short break of 10 – 15 minutes. These short breaks allow students to engage more actively to the task. Studying for long hours breaks students focus and forces their brains to wander in their own thoughts, which wastes precious time. This is why it is a good practice to study in short bursts rather than invest long hours.

5. Work Early Than Late 

The best way to manage your time is by working on your assignments or learning your quizzes early than late. When you come back from your school/college/university go over your master schedule and see what tasks or quizzes are due. Start working on upcoming projects as early as possible rather than procrastinating and pushing it further in the evening or due date. If you shift your work to later a time then that means you will have less time to complete your task. You might have to lose out on sleep which will increase your probability of procrastinating and being less productive. 

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