One of the most prestigious exams conducted every year by Federal Public Commission of Pakistan. Every year aspirants from all around Pakistan go through gruesome routines of preparations for the written exam as well as the viva voce with remarkable passion. Students create their own methodologies, Paper Attempting patterns but regarding the momentousness of this exam they tend to seek for advice and in that regard the words of wisdom from the previous toppers of CSS exams can create significant results.

  • Tips Of Toppers:
  • Analytical Skills.

ASP Mufakhar Adeel (2nd position CSS-2006) share this CSS tip that CSS is not only the test of aspirant’s knowledge but also of their analytical skills. According to him this test is not all about knowledge only but also how you put that knowledge or data in a reasonable to create a good influence on the checker. He further explained that “In order to get good marks in written one needs to improve his analytical and application skills and that can be done by practicing past papers after you have completed your syllabus”

  • Knowledge of Social and Global Issue.

Syed Nadeem Abbas (31 common PSP) advises this CSS trick to the aspirants to have full grip on English Essays. According to him knowledge of all sorts of social and global issues will prove his expertise in Essay writing and he would be able to write impactfully on issues like Women Empowerment, Global Warming, Energy Crisis, Global Terrorism and New World Order etc.

  • Verbal Communication.

Zeeshan Siddique (8th position CSS-2007 topper) has this CSS interview tip that during interview your one weapon on you can rely upon completely is your confidence. The interviewers are always keenly observing how you interact with them through verbal communication. Interview covers all aspects of one’s knowledge and personality. The way you speak, your pronunciation, and most importantly how to put forward your point of view before the interviewers “You should not have extreme point of views, moderate and balanced approach is preferable”

  • Subject Selection.

One of the most important step upon which determines your success of failure in this prestigious CSS exam is your choice of subjects. According to Sardar Hussain Former Deputy Secretary Finance, Government of Pakistan “A candidate must consider his/her own ability to understand and grasp all those subjects which they think appropriate for selection. They must choose subjects which can fetch them good marks”

  • Mental and Physical Health.

Muhammad Daud Saleemi (2nd  Position CSS-2019) allocated at Pakistan Administrative Services puts pressure on the importance of Mental and Physical Health by encouraging them to maintain a good sleep cycle, and do regular exercise as neglecting your mind and body can give you stress and depression effecting aspirant’s productivity and output resulting in Failure.

  • Techniques to Attempt Paper

Waqas Masaud ( 7th position CSS-2019) says “CSS exam is 30% luck 30% subject selection and remaining 40% depends on the technique which you might use in order to solve the paper, your paper should have a great number of headings and subheadings.  Furthermore there should a relevant fact to backup every important point, without all these techniques your paper is incomplete and not worth submitting”

  • Time Management for preparation.

Dr. Sassi Malik Sher (CSS-2017) allocated at Military Land and Cantonments Group “There should be restricted time frame for preparation. This time frame can be set according to one’s own choice for some it can be of few months and for some it can be for a year”

  • English Grammar.

Muhammad Asif Nawaz (6th in Pakistan CSS 2017) advices that English grammar is the most basic and crucial factor of preparation for MCQ part as well as English Essay subject, having a strong grip on grammatical rules is a preferable approach during preparation of CSS exam”

  • Importance of Newspaper.

Muhammad Murtaza (3rd in Pakistan CSS-2017) “Make newspaper reading your first and foremost priority when you prepare for CSS. 30 to 40 minutes of news reading can really boost up your awareness on all kinds of National and International news and propagandas. It keeps you updated of anything happening around the world”

  • Find your Own Motivation.

Awais Irshad Bhatti (1st in Pakistan CSS-2017) accentuates the importance of ambition and goals, says “Firstly set a goal or have a clear ambition, secondly be very consistent with you aim and goal as CSS cannot be done if you lack self-motivation and determination.”


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