Great people are those who work only for their country with full devotion. Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan is one of them who changed the history of Pakistan and made the Pakistan an unbeatable power. He is now in the list of great Muslim scientists who have contributed in different areas of technology in different time zones in the Past Islamic history.

Biographic View:

The Great scientist born in 1936 in the Indian State of Bhopal which was the part of British Indian Empire his father named Dr. Abdul Ghafoor served the education ministry of the Bhopal. He got retirement in 1935 and permanently settled in the state of Bhopal. After the partition in 1947 the whole family has migrated from India to Pakistan and settled in West Pakistan. A Q Khan got his secondary education from Saint Anthony's High School of Lahore and then got admission in D.J. Science College of Karachi and done his B.Sc in physics and BA in mathematics his course instructor was Suparco physicist Dr. Bashir Syed. In 1956 he enrolled himself in the Karachi University and gets the degree of B.S in Metallurgy in 1960. For the support of educational dues the A Q khan got the job in Siemens Engineering and worked as junior engineer there.

Career Commencement:

After completing his graduation Abdual Qadeer Khan was employed by the Karachi Metropolitan Government to inspect the weight and measures. Then he went to West Berlin for study the Metallurgical engineering he got admission in Technical University of Berlin. In 1967 he got the degree in technology engineer; furthermore he also got the degree from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands and started his career in Netherland as a scientist. On May 18, 1974 when India experimented its nuclear weapons Abdul Qadeer Khan connected to the military and PAF officials to offer his services for Pakistani Secret weapon project. He wants to Join PAEC (Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission) and offers his services but the military scientists refused the offer by saying that metallurgical engineer cannot do this job.

Abdul Qadeer Khan Joined PAEC:

On December 1974 the great scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan met with Zulfikar Bhutto, Munir Ahmad Khan, and Dr. Mübascher Hassan who were the Science Advisers of Bhutto. He had convinced them that to adopt uranium as the best approach rather than plutonium to make an atomic device. This idea clicked the minds of Pakistani scientists as well. He had joined the PAEC in 1976 and showed the great disappointment of on the project of Sultan Mahmood and asked the government officials to work independently. At least after the huge efforts, on June 4, 1978, Dr. G.D. Alam and Anwar Ali succeeded in separated the 235U and 238U isotopes in an experiment Dr. A.Q Khan also observed.

Zia-ul-Haq Announced We have Nukes:

When Zia-ul-Haq visited India for the cricket diplomacy in 1980 there he told the Indians that we had nukes. It was the first time the whole world heard this comment from Muslim nation president and surprised.

Nukes Cold Test:

Pakistan has done cold test of Atomic nuke on 13march 1983. After the successful results of the cold Test Pakistan become nuclear power on March 1983. But the scientists explained that the results of real test become the Pakistan as Nuclear Power country.

Nuclear Test Decision:

On 11th may 1998 India tested his three nukes and on 13th may tested another two nukes to show the strategic strength in the region. As a result the Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif took decision to test the Pakistani nukes for the balancing of Power in the region.

28 May 1998 Nukes Test:

Pakistan has successfully tested its Primary Atomic weapon on 28, May 1998 in Chaghi Hills located in Blouchistan. Pakistani Scientists selected the Koh-e-Kamran for the Test. According to Pakistani Standard time the Scientist has pushed the Fire Trigger on 3:17 pm. Within few minutes of Explosion the whole rock of Koh-e-Kamran turn into yellowish ice dust.

Co-Scientists of Abdul Qadeer Khan:

AQ Khan didn’t deliver you the bomb all on his own. Look up the works of Dr. Munir Khan, Dr. Usmani and Dr. Bashiruddin Mahmood among others. Know your heroes before you start throwing out the salutes. If we really knew how to treat heroes, you all would know the names of these people also who contributed to give the immortal power of defense and Protection to our Home Land. So throw out your Salute for the Tribute to Such Pakistani Heroes!! Pakistan Zindabad!!

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