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Why Pakistani Students Should Study in USA 

Are you hunting for the best study abroad destination? First of all, you are asked to gather your requirements in front of you and then explore the destinations and then see which destination completes your requirements. Well, what are the requirements? Obviously, you will say about the quality higher education, good standard of living, a valued degree, and a good career prospectus. If you haven’t satisfied with any of the destination then you are to be suggested that the USA is the destination that quenches all of your requirements. Further is the explanation of the topic that why Student of Pakistan should choose the USA as your study abroad destination.

1.       USA is the Worlds’ No 1 Destination to Study for International students

The USA is considered the worlds’ number one study abroad destination with respect to its quality education in USA education. The idea of this thing we can take from the fact that there are advanced level laboratories and exceptional environment offered by the colleges and universities. Moreover, faculties or teaching staff are too cooperative and highly qualified.

2.       Worlds’ Top Rated Universities of USA 2024 For Pakistani Students 

Universities located in the USA for International students are known as the top-rated universities and under the list of top 10 words’ universities there 04 to 05 are American universities.

US Rank


Global rank


Stanford University



Massachusetts Institute of Technology


3. California Institute of Technology 05

Harvard University



HPrinceton University


6. Yale University 08
7. University of Chicago 10
8. John Hopkins University  12
9. University of California, Berkeley 15
10. Columbia University 16

3.       A Supportive Destination

The USA supports international students in all ways to get familiarity with the new culture, new environment, new learning style, and the new atmosphere. Professional staff organizes orientations, seminars regarding education, career counseling, etc.   

4.       Working Opportunity and Standard of Living in USA for Pakistani Students

The USA is too supportive of international students because under certain conditions students are allowed to do part-time work in USA. Moreover, students are also allowed to get participate in on-campus training and developing programs in USA. These activities help students to earn money and also to get practical skills.   

5.       Multiculturism

In the United States, there are nations with multiple cultures are living. According to the 2018 examination or Current Population Survey, CPS, there are 28 percent are foreign immigrants in the USA. So, in this way you get the chance to explore multi-cultures while studying in the USA.   

6.      USA Degree Value

The degree you earned from the USA is worthy. You will surely get a good response throughout the world after showing your graduate degree from any of the recognized institutes from the USA. In a simple way, you can earn better in your life after having a graduate degree from the USA institute. 

7.       Career Prospectus

Your graduate degree from the USA allows you to get a prestigious position throughout the world. Anywhere in the world, you can get better career opportunities on behalf of your degree. Moreover, the USA visa stamp on your passport is enough to have safe travel across the world.

8.      Scholarships

USA offeres many best scholarships in USA for the international students, so that they can afford their higher studies.


How to Apply Admission in The USA Universities 2024 guide for Pakistani Students

So, what do you say after getting the ideas about the USA as a study abroad destination for Pakistani students? Hopefully, we can say that your emotive utterance will be in the positive gesture towards the USA, as a favorite study abroad destination. So, now, the next procedure is to know the eligibility criteria for getting admission to study in USA for Pakistani Students.

Students are to inform that they must clear all the criteria and entry requirements before going to apply for a degree. The institutes located in the USA are offering bachelor's, masters and doctoral degrees to the national as well as international students. The general criteria for getting admission is the same. However, the requirements may vary from degree program to degree program and also from university to university. However, the basic criteria or requirements for bachelor, master and doctoral degrees in USA for Pakistani Students have described below. Moreover, students can find the admission process that how to apply a safe application for admission to study abroad in USA universities.

Bachelor Program

Master Program

Doctoral Program

In order to apply for a bachelor program, a higher secondary school certificate (intermediate certificate) is required 

A bachelor's degree with minimum required scores is required to show for being eligible for admission in the USA institutes. 

A master degree in the relevant field is mandatory

Students then show a personal statement or the statement of purpose that why they want to apply for the selected study in the selected institute. This statement of purpose plays a vital role in the selection of your proposal.

Some universities also require an outstanding academic background or academic records for offering admission to international students.

Statement of purpose SOP is required

After the statement of purpose, academic references play significant roles. Students need to submit one or two-letter of reference along with their application.

For a master's degree (in some cases) working experience in the relevant field is required. However, if you have relevant experience in the field you have chosen is a plus point.

A letter of recommendation or reference letters is required all the previous academic transcripts are required.

Almost all American institutes ask for English language proficiency. Students can show the certificate of SAT, ACT, IELTS or TOEFL for English language proficiency proof.  

A personal statement or the statement of purpose, SOP is required from the students’ side. This statement will show your interest towards your selected program as well as your selected institute

English language proficiency test is also required to show your English language skill. 

Students are also asked to show their financial statements whether they are able to support them for bearing study and living expenses.

English language proficiency proof is also mandatory from almost all kinds of universities. For this purpose, TOEFL, GMAT, GRE, USAT, and USMLE are the acceptable certificates. 

Applicants are required to show an updated resume

Students will also appear for an interview if applicable for their selected program.

Students are also be required to show academic reference or reference letters from their previous institutes. Students will be asked for at least 01 or 02 letters of reference or recommendations   

Travel or identity documents are also required

Original and valued travel documents and identity documents will also be required to show.

Students are also required to show their financial status which will give proof that you can bear the living and study expenses.

Applicants would also be asked for financial statement

Applicants updated resume may also be required according to their selected program

If your study program required an interview then you will be called to appear for an interview

If the interview will be required, (for your selected course), then you would appear for an interview

Admission in USA Applications Deadlines 2024 for Pakistani students:

Application deadlines in USA Universities vary from institute to instate and study program to study program. Generally, the admission process runs from December to April. Students are to inform them that they must confirm the date from their selected universities.


Estimated Cost of Study And Living Cost in The USA 2024

Well, after getting the ideas about the admission process in US universities for Pakistani students, obviously, one wants to know the expenses or costs that come in the way of higher education in the USA. All the students are to inform you that study in the USA is not an easy deal with respect to the costs you will pay for study as well as for living style there. Do not feel that we are here making you're afraid but our mission is to make our students familiar with every single situation because this familiarity or awareness will courage you to bring the possible solution.

Well, here in this section you are going to get a complete sketch that what are the cost factors affecting your studies and what are the factors affect your living style as living in the USA.

Study Cost in USA for Pakistani Students 2024

Academic Documents Required for USA Universities 2024 for Pakistani Students:

If you are going to apply for a bachelor's program then you need to show an intermediate certificate. Similarly, for a master's degree program in Canada and for a doctoral degree program in canada 2024 you need to show a bachelor's and master's degrees respectively. And you know you need to pay a lot in order to earn these degrees.

Language Proficiency Proof:

For almost all the study abroad destinations, language proficiency requires. Students give proof of language proficiency through certificates. Usually, GRE, GAT, IELTS, or TOEFL is required to show for USA institute. Students ask to pay around 40,000 to 50,000 PKR for any of these tests. 

Admission Application Process Fee of USA for Pakistani Students:

Students are to inform that for the admission application process in Canadian Universities you need to pay a fee. The processing fee for one university has an estimated 20,000 to 30,000 PKR.

Travel Documents Fee of USA 2024:

In order to travel to the USA students need to arrange a passport, visa, travel insurance, living expense proof and an airfare. And you are required to pay a reasonable amount for all these documents.

Tuition Fee of USA Universties for Pakistani Students:

For the several study levels the tuition fee is discussed below:

Students are to inform that the tuition fee is different with respect to the different institutes. The general idea has given below:  

Private Institutes: $18,000 to $35,000

Public Institutes:  $12,000 to $25,000


Note: You can also find the Best scholarships in USA here offered to the International students.


Estimated Living Cost 2024 in USA for Pakistani students

Hopefully, we can say that from the above discussion you can get an idea about the study cost in USA for International students. Now, we are going to discuss the living cost of the USA. The below-given chart will give you an idea about the living cost in the USA:




From 500 $ to 800 $ per month for students’ dormitories

From 1000 $ to 1200 $ per month for private flats


From 2.00$ to 3.00 $ (One Way Ticket)

From 70 $ to 80 $ (Monthly Pass)

Utility Bills

150 $ to 200 $ per month

Food (Meal, Water, and Coffee, etc.)

Around 2000 $ per month


Pair of Jeans: From 40 $ to 45 $
Pair of Shoes: From 75 $ to 95 $

Summer Dress: From 30 $ to 35 $


Cinema Ticket: 10 $ to 20 $
Concert Ticket: 10 $ to 30 $

Nightclub Ticket: 05 $ to 15 $


Fitness Club: 30 $ to 40 $ per month

Private Sports Club: 30 $ to 70 $ per month


Living and Accommodation Options in The USA for  Pakistani Students

It is true that submitting a safe admission application, and to arrange the living and study costs come as the hard task for an international student. But, after arranging or setting all these arrangements, another biggest hurdle which is to arrange accommodation in the USA. Students are to inform that the process is different but it is not impossible. Here we come for you to guide you that which kind of accommodation options Pakistani students can find in the USA and how you can arrange one of them for you to live a safe and healthy life in the USA.

Types/Moods of Accommodation in The USA

In common we see there are two main types of accommodation that exist in almost all the study abroad destinations and the USA is not exceptional in this case. These two accommodation options are on-campus accommodation options and off-campus accommodation options.

On-Campus Accommodation in USA

On-campus accommodation is the mood of accommodation in which students are allowed to live inside the campus and for this purpose special dormitories and halls design by the institutes. Actually, the students who go first time for study abroad tour and having no acquaintances there, for those students the best option is to live inside the campus. Moreover, on-campus accommodation is, somehow, less expensive as compared to other accommodation options.

Benefits Of On-Campus Accommodation

  • On-campus accommodation is comparatively cheap than that of other accommodation moods (private hostels and apartments)

  • On-campus accommodation is available inside the campus or, sometimes, near to the campus. Students can reach the campus timely and, at the same time, can save the expense of transportation.

  • Students who live inside the campus can easily take participate in several activities happen on the campus.

  • Students can have better interaction with the teaching staff and also with their classmates and seniors live inside the campus.

  • University halls and dormitories are well designed and these are also well furnished.

Off-Campus Accommodation in USA for International Students

Sometimes, international students fail to arrange on-campus accommodation. And, sometimes, it comes to see from the students’ side that they do not want to live inside the campus or they have the wish to explore their destination during their study period in the USA. For those students, the best option is to live outside the campus and the option is known as the off-campus accommodation. Following are the common types of off-campus accommodation:

Live With Family or Friends

Well, if your family members, friends or any other acquaintance is already living there in the USA, then, believe me, you are the luckiest person. You cannot only easily manage your accommodation. But, at the same time, you can explore the destination during your stay there and you will also remain safe from nostalgia. 

Home Stay or Paying Guest

Some American people are so loving and kind to such an extent that they allow international people especially students to live with them in their houses. Students pay for them and they find almost all the basic facilities that they can find in their own home.

Private Apartment

At last, the students are to inform them that they can also avail of another opportunity which is to rent an apartment. Students who do not want to live with anyone and are conscious about their privacy, for those this is the best option to live in a separate apartment. 


How Pakistani Students can Get American Student Visa

Like all other developed countries or biggest study, abroad destinations the USA also asks to apply for a USA student visa for Pakistani students to get entrance permission into the US for Pakistani students. Students are to inform that once they will receive the acceptance letter or confirmation letter from a recognized institute from the US they will be allowed to apply for a USA student visa. Here at this step students will get the complete info regarding student visa types, visa requirements, visa process duration, visa fee, and all other related queries.

Types of Student Visa of USA

Generally, there are two types of US student visa exist for international students or Pakistani students. These types are listed below:

F1 Student Visa: This is a visa for short term students who are going to get a temporary training education or certification. Normally, students are allowed to stay for the duration of at least 06 months on behalf of this visa type. 

M1 Student Visa: This visa type is for the students who want to go to the US for a regular or long term study program. This student visa is valid for up to 2 years and students are also allowed to extend the duration of this visa until the completion of their degree program. The requirements are common or general in obtaining any of these visas.

J1 Student Visa: This visa is for the exchange students.

Documents Required for Pakistani student to get the Student visa of USA

Following are the documents that are required to submit with your US student visa application form:

  • A completely filled visa application form (F1 application form or M1 application form)

  • An original passport with at least a validity of 06 months is required.

  • A recent photograph with a white background which is must be taken within six months.

  • Previous academic documents or educational background is mandatory to show. 

  • A visa fee deposing receipt is required to attach with your visa application form.

  • Travel history of the applicant (if required)

  • Personal detail including family detail is required to submit with the visa application form.

  • Applicants are required to buy travel insurance to make their journey safe.

  • Applicants are also required to obtain a NOC certificate from their previous institute and to submit along with the visa application form.

  • Applicants are also required to show the financial statement which will show your status whether you can bear the expenses of living and study in the US or not.

  • If there is any other requirement imposed by the embassy then applicants must fulfill to make their application complete.   

USA Student Visa Application Process Duration for Pakistani Students:

Follow the below-given instructions to apply a safe US visa application:

  • Apply for admission and get an acceptance letter

  • Receive I-20 form for F1 or M1 visa and DS-2024 form for J1 Visa

  • Pay the I-901 SEVIS Fee, for F1 and M1 the fee is 200 $ and the J1 visa fee is 180$. For short term J1 visa the fee is 35$.

  • Go to the nearest embassy or consulate and apply your application

  • Get prepare for your visa interview and schedule it

  • Now, pay the visa application fee

  • Appear for your visa interview

  • Pay your visa issuance fee after acceptance (if required)

  • Receive your visa and get ready to fly 


Latest Jobs In The USA For International Students 2024


During Study Jobs Opportunities in USA for International Students

All the students are to inform that the US government allows all the international students including Pakistani students to get part-time working opportunities in USA during their study stay. Actually, most of the students while selecting their study abroad destinations ask the question that whether they will be allowed to do a part-time job in their selected destination or not. So, students are to inform that if you have selected the USA as your study abroad destination then it would be worthy to you.

Latest Part-Time Jobs in USA for Pakistani Students

All the international students are allowed to do part-time work for at least 20 hours a week in USA. Moreover, students can also get the chance of full-time employment during their vacation period.

Part-Time Internship in USA for Pakistani Students 2024

Students are to inform that if they are interested to take part in internship activities then they can also get the opportunity under certain circumstances. For this purpose, you need to get a permission letter from your institute and also you need to get an internship confirmation letter from an organization.

Benefits of Part-Time Job And Internship in USA 2024

Following benefits you can avail while doing part-time employment and internship:

  • Part-time employment is a way to earn something while studying in the USA.

  • Students are to inform that you can earn up to 07 $ per hour while working in the USA.

  • You can bear the expenses of living as well as of study through part-time employment.

  • You can also get the working experience while perusing your degree in the USA.

  • The internship opportunity is the way to get relevant experience during your studies.

  • You can make good and strong bonds with the employers that would help you in a future settlement in the USA.

  • You can take an idea about the market's worth while doing an internship. 

Types of Students Jobs In USA for Pakistani Students

After Study Jobs Opportunities 2024 for International Students in USA

Who Is Eligible To Apply?

There are some students who show their interest to settle in the USA after their graduation. Students are to inform you that you are eligible to apply for a work visa after the completion of your study in the USA but after going through or fulfilling certain conditions.

Types of Working Visa After Graduation in the USA

Following are the types of visas exist and out of which anyone you can obtain after your graduation in the USA:

F1 Visa for Practical Training:  This visa offers to the students for practical training after completing their graduation. The duration of this visa is up to 01 years.

H3 Trainee Non-Immigrant Visa: This visa is specially granted to the applicants who are not well educated and not well experienced and want to go to the USA for some training purposes. The duration of the visa is up to 02 years.   

H1-B Non-Immigrant Visa: Applicants who have a job sponsor and a bachelor's degree from the USA are offered this category of visa. The duration of this visa is up to 03 years but it can be extended to 06 years.

There are some other opportunities including green cards and citizenship you may also acquire after studying in the USA but these opportunities come after certain circumstances.


The USA PR & USA Citizenship Criteria and Services for Pakistani Students

Permanent Residence Procedure of USA for Pakistani Students

If you are a foreigner or are the nation outside of the US and you have the wish to become a US citizen then you are to inform that you can make your dreams come true after meeting certain conditions. The USA allows foreigners to come and get permanent residence in the USA. According to an examination of the legal immigrants in the USA, there were 1.18 million immigrants admitted to the USA in 2016.

Who is Eligible For Permanent Residence of USA?

If you are matching any one of the given conditions then you can be considered for the USA permanent residence:

  • If you are a spouse of a US legal resident or citizen then you can apply for permanent residence.

  • If you are an unmarried child of a US legal resident or citizen then you can apply for permanent residence.

  • You can also claim for the USA PR if you are a married child of a US citizen.

  • If you are a parent of a US legal resident or citizen then you can apply for permanent residence.

  • The brother or a sister of a US legal resident or citizen can also acquire the USA PR.

  • Under a special immigration admission, the fiancé of a US citizen can also be considered for the USA PR.

  • You can also apply for the USA PR under the condition of a widow or widower of a USA citizen.

What are Other Requirements to Apply for The US PR for Pakistani Students?

If you are not matching with any of the above-given condition then don’t be worried because there are some other situations also exist to matching with you can be considered for the USA PR:

  • You can get sponsorship from an employer in the USA.

  • You can also apply as a special immigrant if you have special qualifications and other qualities.

  • You can apply through extra-ordinary circumstances (i.e. as an asylum seeker, an abusing person, and are continuously residing in the U.S. since before January 1, 1972, etc.)

Citizenship of USA

Types or Ways to Apply for the USA Citizenship for Pakistani Students

There are several ways exist on behalf of which you can apply for the USA citizenship:

Citizenship by Birth

According to the citizenship law of the USA, any person who is born in the USA is a legal citizen of the USA.

Citizenship by Acquisition 

If you are the acquisition of a USA citizen then you can be considered for SUA citizenship.

  • If your parents are the citizens of the USA.

  • If one of your parents (mother or father) is a USA citizen.

Citizenship by Derivation

If your parents or one of your parents is naturalized and you are living with them under the age of 18, then you can be considered for a USA citizenship under the following conditions:

  • The child must have legal residency status in the USA.

  • At least one of your parents must be acquired the USA citizenship

  • The child must be living under the complete custody of the parents.

Citizenship by Naturalization

You can also acquire USA citizenship through naturalization process under the following conditions:

  • You are living in the USA for the last 03 or 05 years.

  • You are qualifying the services in the armed forces of the USA.


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