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ilmkidunya has created a special study abroad guide for Pakistani students who want to continue their higher education in USA. This online resource is to the point and created only for Pakistani students.
The land of ideas, opportunities and new openings, the USA offers high-quality educational programs for students from all over the globe. The U.S. has monopolized the attention of most all study abroad candidates due to its quality education and more market opportunities for USA graduates.
After you've considered these above criteria, it's time to look at your list and then choose the institutions where you can have realistic entry expectations based on student profiles available for admitted candidates.
Some programs will have a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) requisite for admission. As the Pakistani grading system is quite different than the U.S. grading system, it's best not to try to convert your grades from Pakistan, but instead to include your academic records and if possible, an explanation from your secondary school or university about the grading system.
There are more than 4100 colleges and universities in USA and it is a difficult task to choose an appropriate institute for yourself in your desired program. There are numerous factors that need to be measured carefully before choosing to which institute to apply. Here a list of criterion you want to use to evaluate and sort through all of the options.
There are certain scholarships for study in US and you can find scholarships on the official website of Institute of International Education.
We should plan well before time to submit application in desired university or college. 12 To 18 months earlier to the academic year in which you wanted to submit application, begin to consider, research, and do this.
Complete guide to US Colleges & Universities. Search for state-owned and private-owned universities and colleges including their respective program.

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