Top Scholarship for Pakistani Students

Is it easy to study abroad? This one question rises in every student’s mind because they think about

  • Eligibility to secure admission to any abroad university

  • Their budget and study cost

  • Differences in teaching methods

No doubt surviving in 1st year of their degree program may not be the easiest one as they have experienced in their home country but yes, scholarships make it more convenient for students to study abroad. Students with excellent academic scores can apply for every degree program they want to pursue which can also make them selected for scholarships.

Here you will find all the detailed information about top scholarships announced annually for Pakistani students. 

Why scholarships are important for studying abroad

All scholarships are special but some popular scholarships are of more value and are announced each year for international students. Scholarships are important because it helps to

  • Make higher education possible for brilliant students

  • Add extensive support to student’s current expenses

  • Give additional recognition and boost  student’s resumes, as international scholarships are much more competitive and difficult to achieve

  • Make student admission possible in top-ranked international universities which are not in the range because of very high tuition fee

  • Provide real-world experience and helps in student’s career development

Degree Programs For Which Top scholarships Are Offered

Popular scholarships are announced annually for a wide range of courses and all degree programs such as for

  • Undergraduate

  • Masters

  • M.Phil

  • Doctorate

Types of Top Scholarships

These top scholarships may award a complete study package and cover all expenses or may cover only the tuition fee. Fully funded scholarships provide funds for

  • Tuition fee (100%)

  • Visa processing fee

  • 2-way airfare (from home country to destination and at the end of degree from study destination to home country)

  • Health insurance

  • Living (food, clothes)

  • Accommodation

Some of the top scholarships do not cover all study expenses but grant a little amount of stipend to students either to cover their tuition fee, accommodation, or travel cost.



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