National Aptitude Test (NAT) Results 2019


NTS NAT Test Result 2019

Apr, 2019

National Aptitude Test (NAT) result is announced on 15th April 2019. Keep visiting our page for the latest updates.

NAT Result

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NTS NAT Result 2019  

NTS NAT Result declares on monthly basis because NAT test conducts in every month for different subjects or purposes. NAT is National Aptitude Test system and it is designed by National Testing Service NTS. NTS conducts NAT Tests round the year for several admissions in the educational institutes. There are two types of NAT test system i.e. NAT I and NAT II.

NAT I conducts by the students of 12 years of education (intermediate) level who are going to pursue further studies for graduate level.

NAT II conducts by the students of 14 years education (Graduation) who are going to pursue further studies in various institutes.

There are further types of NAT test system also come to see such as;

NAT I comprised on further categories:

NAT II comprised on further categories:

These types and categories are according to the different subjects that the students choose to appear. The test runs throughout the year and the students of different category appear many times for the test in a single year. Note that the test that conducting by NAT is valid for at least on year.


The test is on the base of some different course level or syllabus. Normally, the test that come to see to the students comprises on four major types. These four major types are discussed below:

  • Verbal or English language proficiency Test
  • Quantitative Reasoning Test
  • Analytic reasoning Test
  • Subject Knowledge


Before performing the test the students got through the registration process. Students are asked to get registered before taking admission and they get registered through the following method.

  • Applicants can download the registration form from NAT website and must duly filled application form.
  • Applicants are asked to deposited registration fee which is 1000 PKR.
  • Applicants can deposit the fee in any of the online branches of MCB, UBL, HBL, or ABL.
  • Students must attach the recent photographs on the application form.
  • Students are allowed to choose the examination hall by their own.
  • They are asked to provide Email address or attach the testimonial documents along with application.  

Students are to be informed with their test date at least 10 days age and they are provided with Date Sheets for this purpose. All the candidates are also to be informed that they get their Result within a month after appearing for the test.


Results feedback:
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    Usman Ali 24 / Jun / 2019

    Nts result june 2019 test no 6

    • S

      Sarah 24 / Sep / 2018

      Nat IX-2018 ka result kb ayga ??