To enroll in the MSCS programme, candidates must know about the MSCS Eligibility Criteria. Master of Science (MS) in Computer Science is a research-based degree that is taught in almost all Universities of Information technology. To enroll in the programme, candidates must have held a Bachelor’s degree from a recognized University. The admission is based on the entrance exam given by the University and merit-based.

Basic Eligibility Criteria for MS in Computer Science

Candidates who are in search of the eligibility criteria of MSCS are on the right page. Here you will be able to find all the information about the criteria before enrolling in the programme.

  • Candidates must have done with graduation from a recognized University.
  • They must have 50 to 60 percent marks to enroll in MS in Computer Science.
  • The admission to the University for MSCS is based on merit and the entrance exam given by the University.
  • Candidates must have passed their graduation in the Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science subjects.

Punjab University (PU) Eligibility Criteria for MSCS Programme

Punjab University PU offers MS in Computer science. There is a large number of students who apply to PU each year. Admission to the University depends on merit. Students before enrolling in the programme must know the MSCS eligibility criteria. Candidates who passed their Bachelor's can apply to MSCS.

The eligibility criteria of MSCS at Punjab University are mentioned here.

  • To apply for admission, candidates must have B.Com / B.Sc.  / BA with Elective subjects, Mathematics-Computer Science or Statistics or equivalent.
  • The candidate’s academic record should be 70 percent.
  • They must have to pass the entrance exam of the University.
  • Additional Marks (Hafiz e Quran)

Virtual University (VU) Eligibility Criteria of MSCS

Virtual University offers MS in computer science. The goal of the programme is to give post-graduates a good foundation in software engineering, computer networks, and databases. The study in the programme of MSCS is very useful for the students. It allows students to make an important contribution to research in their field of study. The students who want to enroll in the programme can check the MSCS admission eligibility criteria of Virtual University are mentioned here.

  • Candidates must have Bachelor’s degree to enroll in the programme.
  • Candidates must have at least a CGPA of 2.00 out of 4 and they must have 1st division in the exams where the exams are held in the annual system.
  • Candidates must have to pass the entry test exam with at least 50 percent marks.
  • There are limited seats for the programme on a merit basis.

MS in Computer Science Eligibility Criteria at Pakistan Institute of Applied Sciences (PIEAS)

Pakistan Institute of Applied Sciences (PIEAS) is a Public University located in Islamabad. The University offers an MSCS programme. PIEAS is known as a research University. The admission in PIEAS is based on SAT exam. Graduates students after completing their 16 years of education can apply for MSCS in the University.

The eligibility criteria of PIEAS for MSCS are mentioned here.

  • To apply for admission in the post-graduate programme, candidates must hold a Bachelor’s degree in the subjects of physics, computer science, and mathematics.
  • They must have at least 60 percent marks or 2.5 CGPA on a 4-point scale throughout their academic year.
  • Candidates with the 3rd division will not be eligible for admission.
  • The candidate must have passed the NTS / GAT (General) with a minimum of 60 percent from total marks.

Information Technology University (ITU) Eligibility Criteria for Masters in Computer Science

ITU is a Public University located in Lahore. Thousands of students apply to ITU each year. The study of ITU is based on research. MS computer science eligibility at Information Technology University is mentioned below.

  • Candidates must complete their 16 years of education.
  • They must have Bachelor’s degree in Computer related field from a recognized University.
  • They must have at least 60 percent marks or a CGPA of at least 2.5 out of 4.
  • They must have at least 60 percent marks in the entrance exam of the University.

Eligibility Criteria of MSCS at University of Engineering & Technology (UET)

University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore is a public University. The University is known as the ancient and selective engineering institution in which thousands of students apply for admissions. The programme of MSCS is offered at the University. Before applying to the University, candidates must be familiar with the eligibility criteria of MSCS.

MSCS admission requirements and eligibility criteria are mentioned below:

  • Candidates who passed their 16 years of education will be eligible for admission in MSCS at UET.
  • To enter the programme, they must have 60 percent marks or have a CGPA of 2.50 out of a maximum of 4.00 in the semester system exams.
  • Candidates must have to clear the entrance exam by securing at least 50% given by the University.

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    Mohammad Jabeen

    17 Dec 2017

    I want to know criteria.

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    Muhammad Shaher Yar

    30 Dec 2017

    Minimum 2.5 is HEC criteria for MS degrees.


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