MS Criminology Complete Guide In Pakistan


Masters in Criminology is a 2 years degree program and the study of crime and criminal behavior informed by the basis of sociology and other non-legal departments, including statistics, psychology, economics and anthropology.
Criminologists investigate crime as an illegal action from society and punishes through the government’s legal system. Researchers concentrate on the prevention, causes and correction of crime.
The Criminology degree program trains students to evaluate and understand crimes and criminal profiles. Criminology classes use research, theory and practical methods to examine why people violate crimes and how to prevent them in the future. Masters in criminology also explores the social impact of crimes on victims and associations. Future criminologists can work in education, consulting, law enforcement and corrections etc.


Specializations Or Majors Of MS/MPhil Criminology

There are following specializations in Masters of criminology as:
  • Criminological theory
  • Criminal justice policy and program evaluation
  • Research design and methods
  • Statistics for criminal justice research
  • Ethical issues in criminal justice
  • Prosimians in criminal justice issues
  • Policing and public policy
  • Corrections and public policy
  • Justice, law, and public policy
  • Victimology
  • White collar crime
  • Comparative criminal justice systems


Scope And Career Of MS/MPhil Criminology

Criminology has a wide professional scope worldwide. Study masters in criminology can not only help to solve crimes but it can also help to prevent them in the first place. 
After specializing in Criminology students have great job opportunities with good salary packages. Students can work in the public and private sectors such as FBI, CBI, NGOs, state police, central Police, human rights agencies, medical hospitals, etc.
  • Police Officer
  • Forensic Psychologist
  • Criminal Profile
  • Private Investigator
  • Forensic Science Technician.
  • Community Probation and Control Officer
  • Loss prevention specialist
  • Security managers
  • Customs officers
  • Corrections Administrators. Fire investigators
  • Crime victim specialist
  • Conservation officer 
  • Court administrator
  • By law enforcement officer 
  • Airport security officer 
  • Border services officer 
  • Criminologist 
  • Domestic abuse investigator 
  • Government researcher 
  • Intelligence officer 
  • Domestic violence victim advocate 
  • Postal inspector 
  • Research assistant
  • Financial examiners
  • University professor


Work Place

There are many work places such as Government offices, psychological facilities, forensic labs, prisons or academic institutes if students want to work as a researcher.

Salaries in Pakistan of criminologists

The average salaries of criminologists in Pakistan is around 30,000 to 52,000 depending on the department being hired and experience of the students as well. In Punjab Police department a fresh Criminologist is employed for 45,000 per month without any experience.

MS/MPhil Criminology Duration And Credit Hours

MSc/MPhil is a 2 years degree program.
Total Credit Hours 66 credit hours 
Course Work 54 credit hours 
Internship 6 credit hours
Thesis 6 credit hours 

Skills And Learning Outcomes Of MS/MPhil Criminology

Criminologists have keen observational and communicational skills and focused attention to energetically listen to victims and suspects.
  • You can get knowledge of the roles of public and private agencies in regulation.
  • You have the skills to explore and critically evaluate criminological theories about why people violate crime.
  • You also have the ability to gather and determine information related to the prediction and management of criminal and wandering behaviors.
  • You will be able to understand the causes of crime as well as planning for its prevention.
  • An understanding of the criminal justice system from sociological, historical, political, and legal perspectives, also current theories and research work.


Related Programs 

  • Masters in Constitutional law
  • Masters in Juvenile Delinquency 
  • Masters in Alcohol and Drug Abuse studies
  • Masters in Criminal Justice Law


Fee Structure For MS/MPhil Criminology

University of Sargodha fee structure for MPhil criminology
1st semester (regular fee) 21650
1st semester (self-fee) 26250
2nd semester and onward (regular fee) 14650
2nd semester and onward (self-fee) 17750

Minhaj university Lahore fee structure of MPhil criminology

Total fee  364,500
Admission fees 27,500
Additional charges 2700
Examination fee  2500
Total amount (at admission) 30,200
Installment 42438 * 8

Also additional charges at the time of admission 
Library security fee(refundable)s 2000
Students card 200
Library and magazine fund 500
Total additional charges  2700

Further Programs After MS Criminology 

  • PhD in criminology 
  • Integrated PhD criminology 
  • PhD in criminal justice 
  • PhD in sociology and criminology 

Syllabus And Courses Of MS/MPhil Criminology

1st semester 
Introduction to criminology  3
Introduction to security studies  3
Computer application  3
National and international perspectives on crime and security  3
Crime and criminality theory and policy   3
2nd semester 
Crime and security 3
Geographical information system 3
Criminal justice system of Pakistan 3
Research methods in criminology 3
Social statistics and criminology  3
3rd semester 
Organization behavior HRD  3
Crime and criminally in Pakistan  3
Optional courses  -
4th semester
Optional courses -



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