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LLM is known as Master of Legal Education and this degree program is related to the law and its related areas. There are many programs that have been covered in LLM such as legal rights, technology law, commercial law, property matters, insurance cases, and maritime law. After the completion of the LLM study program, the candidates have to complete the training of a maximum of two years to pursue further studies. During the LLM the candidates have to complete the assignments, research work, and projects. Moreover, the candidates are informed that the CGPA of the candidates should not be less than 2.50. The candidates searching about the LLM subjects, LLM eligibility criteria, LLM scope, and LLM career opportunities can get the information from this portal.

LLM Guide Highlights

LLM Specializations

There are many areas of specializations in LLM such as the candidates can do the LLM in Business Law, LLM in Constitutional Law, LLM in Criminal Law, LLM in Family Law, LLM in Human Rights, and LLM in International Trade Law.


LLM is a Master’s degree program and the duration of this program is two years. The candidates have to complete 30 credit hours that include 24 credit hours for course work and 6 credit hours of research.


The colleges and universities that offer LLM admissions to the students are affiliated with the following.

  • Higher Education Commission
  • Pakistan Bar Council

LLM Scope in Pakistan

LLM has wide scope in Pakistan and the employment areas include Judiciary, News Channels, Newspapers, Banks, Educational Institutions, Private Practice, Sales Tax, Excise Departments, Business Houses and Constancies. Some of the career opportunities for the candidates are as follows.

Advocate- An advocate is an important professional who deals with legal matters. The advocate performs the duties according to the law of the country. This profession also requires the awareness of human behavior and psychology in order to deal with the various cases.

Legal Consultant- A legal consultant assists in many projects such as contract management, legal research, drafting, and research-related projects. If a person has a vast knowledge of the subject then the candidates can get high-paying offers.

Oath Commissioner- An oath commissioner is appointed by the Registrar of High Court under the provisions of Law and the position is for the freshly qualified lawyer.

Legal Document Reviewer- A legal document reviewer job’s is to negotiate and analyze different legal documents. It also includes legal documents such as draft responses and ancillary documents.

A Magistrate or Judge- This is a highly respected and recognized position in a legal career. In order to be a judge, the candidates must have good knowledge about the subject along with the necessary skills

Trustee- A trustee's duty is to administer property for a specified purpose under the legal administration.

LLM Subjects

The curriculum for LLM may vary for each institute but some of the major subjects that the candidates have to study in this program are listed below.

  • Legal Methods
  • Contracts
  • Political Science
  • Code of Civil Procedure
  • Jurisprudence
  • Litigation Advocacy
  • Administrative Law
  • Alternate Dispute Resolution
  • Banking Law
  • Commercial/ Business Law
  • Company/ Corporate Law
  • Law Of Taxation
  • Legal History Of Pakistan And India
  • Shipping Law
  • Western Jurisprudence And Legal Theory
  • Islamic Family Laws
  • Business Ethics And Human Rights

Why Choose LLM Program?

LLM offers many opportunities to the candidates to build a career in this domain after requiring an adequate amount of knowledge and skills. There are many subject specialized sectors that open a wider chance of progress in this particular domain. So if you put in hard work then a bright future is waiting for you.

Other Related Courses

Some universities also offer related courses to LLM such as Law of Trots, Company Law, Criminal Law, Tenancy Law, Constitutional History, Public International Law, Equity, Companies Ordinance, Constitutional Law, Comparative Jurisprudence, Law of Transfer of Property, Commercial Law, International Economic Law, and Muslim Personal Law

Further Study Options

The candidates after the completion of LLM can go for Ph.D. in any specific domain. Moreover, the candidates can also go for the judicial service exam.

Study Abroad Options

There are a number of universities in foreign countries such as the US, UK, Canada, Germany, and Ireland in which the candidates can apply for LLM.There are many areas of specializations in the LLM that the candidates can consider for further studies according to their interests.

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