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After the completion of the biotechnology degree, there are many career paths that the candidates can select for the future. The candidates are not bound to be associate scientists or technicians but they can also have multiple job opportunities. Biotechnology has various applications in multiple industries and the candidates can choose to work in the public or private sector depending upon their needs. Pharmacy is also considered as a good career choice for the candidates and it offers the ideal career to the candidates that have completed their academic qualification and course a license to practice. Moreover, there are a number of pharmacist jobs in Pakistan for which the candidates can apply and earn a good salary. The candidate havingjobs in pharmacyhas to prescribe the medicines to patients and also provides information. Pharmacists can find jobs in hospitals and clinics, pharmacies, supermarkets, and often now in some general stores. To become the Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm D) the candidates are required to complete the 4 years. It is also considered as a profession that offers a relatively high status and pharmacists are also seen as medical professionals.

Chemist Jobs in Pakistan

After acquiring a degree in chemistry opens multiple career pathways for the candidates and they can get various educational and professional opportunities. There are vast career options for chemists that range from chemical engineer to lecturer to pharmacologist to chemist. If you are interested to pursue a career in this field then go for the area that you wanted to pursue and make a successful career with continuous efforts and hard work. The chemistry professionals must have the experience along with the skills to perform their duty. The fresh graduates can also check the latestchemist’s jobs in Pakistanannounced by the various industries and companies. A chemistry degree allows the candidates to perform a high-paying role in healthcare, manufacturing, and technology. Moreover, the degree in chemistry makes the candidates uniquely-equipped employees and provides a competitive edge so that the candidates can apply for the various roles. Furthermore, the fresh graduates or the experienced candidates that are in the search of the latest job opportunities can check the available job positions in the pharmacy/biotechnology/chemistry from without any inconvenience.

Pharma/Biotech/Chem. Jobs:

Pharma/Biotech/Chem. jobs are plentiful, as the medical industry continues to demand professionals who understand medicine and quantity of drugs forms to help patients overcome illness and ailments. Pharma/Biotech/Chem. choice of jobs from the clinical trial partners to qualified pharmacist's role. There are also a lot of Pharma/Biotech/Chem. Jobs offer flexibility and advancement. If you are interested in the role of medicine and new developments in the field of life-saving drugs, then a career in the Pharma/Biotech/Chem. industry may be a good choice for you. Here you will find many Pharma/Biotech/Chem. Jobs which is published on daily newspapers.

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Educational Requirements of Pharmaceutical Jobs:

The educational requirements related to any field help people to understand their eligibility level. It assists people to evaluate whether they are fit for the job or not. Multiple biotechnology jobs 2022 are announced for increasing the employment rate of the country. The candidates need to view all the requirements and specifications of the job before applying to avoid all kinds of inconveniences. Let’s discuss the eligibility criteria of chemist jobs 2022 and jobs in the pharmaceutical industry as well:

  • A pharmacist should handle all the assigned tasks carefully. He should consider the eligibility criteria before applying for the job. The educational requirement for this job is the Doctor of Pharmacy program.
  • The candidates should hold a bachelor’s degree in pharmaceutical science, medicine, or other related fields. Experienced candidates have more chances to get a job in this field.
  • In the case of applying for chemistry jobs, the candidate must possess a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry. Additionally, the aspirants should have basic knowledge of computers, math, and other aspects mentioned in the job descriptions.
  • The jobs in the field of biotechnology play a significant role in lessening the unemployment rate of the country. To get a job in this field, the candidate must have at least a bachelor's degree in biotechnology subject area.
  • If the candidate can fulfill all these eligibility requirements, then he can easily apply for these jobs without any discomfort.


  • Q: What are the careers in pharmacy?

    Ans:Following are some of the careers in the pharmacy

    • Community pharmacist
    • Hospital pharmacist
    • Consultant pharmacist
    • Non-dispensing (general practice) pharmacist
    • Researcher / academic
    • Pharmaceutical industry / clinical trials
    • Locum pharmacist
    • Aged care pharmacist
  • Q: Is pharmacy a good career?
    Ans:It is considered a doctorate degree. Yes of course pharmacy is a good career because A doctor gives life to the patient but a pharmacist gives life to medicine, and that medicine ultimately gives life to the patient, that’s why pharmacy is also a big opportunity for you.
  • Q: What jobs do chemists have?

    Ans:Some of the jobs for which the chemists can apply are mentioned below.

    • Analytical Chemist
    • Chemical Engineer
    • Chemistry Teacher
    • Forensic Scientist
    • Geochemist
    • Hazardous Waste Chemist
    • Materials Scientist
    • Pharmacologist
  • Q: What is the highest paying job in chemistry?

    Ans: Some of the top Jobs for Chemistry Majors are listed down

    • Chemistry Teacher
    • Chemical Engineer
    • Doctor
    • Forensic Scientist
    • Pharmacologist
    • Materials Scientist
    • Research Scientist
    • Laboratory Technician
  • Q:What jobs are in the biotechnology field?
    Ans: The candidates after the completion of the biotechnology degree can do various tasks such asresearch and development, quality assurance/regulatory affairs, manufacturing, clinical research, government, software engineering, food, animal, environmental science sales, and technical support

Classification of Pharmaceutical Jobs in Various Categories:

There are a lot of pharmacist jobs 2022 announced for satisfying the employment needs of the candidates. The candidates can select their desired job from a large variety of jobs offered each month. The job duties and descriptions of each job vary from one another. That is why the aspirants need to visit the official website of the company offering the particular job. They have to check the career section of the website to get detailed information regarding the job duties. These jobs are classified into different categories given below:

  • Sales Representative:

In this job category, the candidates should have in-depth knowledge related to the products. He must be able to increase the sales of medical products. He has to maintain the records of all the sold and remaining products. Moreover, he should be efficient enough to build a good relationship with clients for enhancing the profits of the company.

  • Research and Development Manager:

The candidate is accountable for dealing with research-based tasks. In this job option, the aspirants need to conduct strong research regarding a specific topic. The main responsibility of the candidate is to handle project and personnel management. The research and documentation skills of the candidates should be remarkable for performing the job duties in this area astonishingly.

  • Project Managers:

Project managers are required to perform all the assigned tasks with great care. They are in charge of managing the new medicines and equipment. They are responsible for healthcare product development. They are accountable for meeting deadlines by interacting with healthcare professionals and clinical researchers.

  • Manufacturing and Quality Managers:

The main task of the candidates in this job section is related to the production area. Quality managers deal with the perfection of the products for increasing the development opportunities of the company. The safety and quality of the products are checked by such candidates. The healthcare standards are also investigated and ensured in this way.

pharma jobs

High Demand for Pharmacists in Pakistan:

The demand for pharmacist jobs in Pakistan is quite high and it allows people to start their careers perfectly. People get attracted to this field due to this aspect. The future job opportunities are quite remarkable and permit people to work in a productive environment. The graduates of the pharmaceutical field can get the opportunity of instant jobs after the completion of their degree. They do not need to wait for so long to get their desired job. The high demand for these jobs can be clarified with the help of the following aspects:

  • The demand for pharmacists is increasing with time for the progress of the medical industry. Pharmacists play a significant role in increasing the development of the healthcare industry.
  • The people can avail themselves of a lot of opportunities in both private and government sectors.
  • In the private sector, there are a lot of jobs in this field regarding distribution setup, sales and marketing, pharmacists at private hospitals, etc.
  • Additionally, there are multiple options in the government sector as well. These job offers include drug inspector, drug regulatory authority of Pakistan.
  • All these job opportunities are responsible for facilitating people with amazing salary packages to relish better ways of earning.
  • The allowances and other benefits are also offered for increasing the attraction of people to this particular field.
  • Moreover, people can also enjoy monthly increments and growth opportunities by working in this specific field.

Job Responsibilities and Roles of a Pharmacist:

A wide range of pharmacist jobs is available for bringing ease to the life of people. These job possibilities allow people to make their future bright and successful. The aspirants should be aware of their job duties to work efficiently. The work of a pharmacist is of great responsibility. That is why the candidates should pay full attention to their assigned tasks. Let’s discuss the job responsibilities of a pharmacist in detail:

  • The candidate deals with the formulation of drugs, ointments, and other medicines. He also plans and monitors drug programs in the industry.
  • He is also responsible for reviewing prescriptions to assure accuracy. Moreover, he is also liable to determine the required ingredients to assess their precision.
  • He also assists physicians by elaborating and informing them about the drug's properties. These properties involve the drug’s interaction, reactions, side effects, etc.
  • A pharmacist handles the processing of drugs accurately. He monitors the health and progress of the patients.
  • He is accountable for preparing special medication formulations. He conducts research work regarding the fusion of new drugs.

Tasks and Duties Assigned to a Chemist:

Numerous chemist jobs in Pakistan are declared for bringing ease to the life of people. A chemist has to perform multiple tasks for improving the efficiency of the company. A chemical company can fulfill its targets flawlessly if the chemist does his tasks in a better way. That is why a chemist should be keen enough on its job roles to avoid all kinds of difficulties. Following are the details of job tasks assigned to a chemist:

  • The duties assigned to the chemist should be managed in an organized manner. They include the sampling, preparation, and testing of materials.
  • Moreover, method validation and process optimization are also included in the job duties.
  • The candidate has to conduct experiments as directed by the supervisor.
  • He should be able to conduct routine maintenance of the lab apparatus. Lab supplies and equipment are checked daily by the chemist.

Technical Skills Particularly Required in Biotechnology Jobs:

The biotechnology jobs in Pakistan are great in number and they let people make their careers perfect. These jobs are given to candidates who are highly skilled and talented in their field. The candidates should focus on their skills before applying for any job. It helps them to get their desired job without putting in any additional effort. The selection process of the candidates in this field is based on their skills. The skills required in biotechnology jobs are elaborated here:

  • Tissue Culture:

It is the most widely used technique for relishing advancement in the field of biotechnology. It involves the growth of the cells or tissues. It can be done by using liquid, semi-solid, or solid growth media. It refers to the growth of animal cells and tissues. This technique has wide applications in the field of biotechnology. Thus, the candidates need to pay full attention to this skill.

  • PCR:

It is a technique used to create multiple copies of a particular DNA area in vitro. It involves the amplification of a single copy or few copies of a segment of DNA. Thus, thousand to million copies of a specific DNA sequence is generated in this way. The candidates should understand all the concepts of the techniques for better practical implementation.

  • Gel Electrophoresis:

It is a renowned technique in molecular biology, biochemistry, etc. The main purpose of this technique is to separate biological macromolecules. The process of separation is performed according to electrophoretic mobility. The in-depth knowledge of this technique is important in the field of biotechnology flawlessly.

  • Flow Cytometry:

It is a popular technique used in cell counting, sorting, protein engineering, etc. The candidates in the field of biotechnology must be aware of this technique. It is a laser or impedance-based technique that plays a vital role in the development of the aforementioned field. It permits the investigation of the expression of the cell surface.

Scope of biotechnology & Chemistry Jobs in Pakistan 2022:

The scope of any job is quite helpful for helping people to make decisions regarding field selection. The scope of biotechnology jobs is extremely high in Pakistan. Moreover, the scope of chemist jobs is also wide and permits people to take advantage of astonishing career development ways. Let’s discuss some aspects that clarify the reason behind the high scope of the aforementioned fields:

  • The field of biotechnology is progressing rapidly and the development in this field can be estimated through the number of jobs offered each year.
  • The demand for professionals in this field is also enhancing with time. That is why people are highly fascinated by this career.
  • The enhanced job options are due to the increased field applications. The applications include areas of agriculture, food processing, energy production, etc.
  • It deals with the study of living organisms and the purpose of this study is to make products from them. These products play a crucial role in the welfare of mankind.
  • People in this field can work as research associates, clinical scientists, brewing biotechnologists, etc.
  • The estimated maximum salary in this field is almost PKR 360,000 per month. Additionally, the minimum possible salary for entry-level jobs in this field is approximately PKR 30,000.
  • Thus, people can relish remarkable salary packages by stepping forward in this field.