Posted On Department / Company Jobs Last Date Details
26-May-24 Private Company , Mirpur Khas 1 Jobs 26-May-24 View
13-May-24 High Court of Sindh, Mirpur Khas 3 Jobs 13-May-24 View
19-Apr-24 District and Session Court, Mirpur Khas 29 Jobs 19-Apr-24 View
19-Dec-23 Mirpur University of Science and Technology, Mirpur Khas 1 Jobs 19-Dec-23 View
06-Aug-23 Sukkur IBA University, Mirpur Khas 1 Jobs 06-Aug-23 View
09-Jul-23 Pak Pakistan, Mirpur Khas 6 Jobs 09-Jul-23 View
12-Apr-23 Sindh Police, Mirpur Khas 660 Jobs 12-Apr-23 View
29-Nov-22 Federal Govt, Mirpur Khas 1 Jobs 29-Nov-22 View
15-Mar-22 Mir Sher Muhammad Khan Talpur Public School, Mirpur Khas 2 Jobs 15-Mar-22 View
06-Feb-22 Irrigation Department Govt of Sindh, Mirpur Khas 22 Jobs 06-Feb-22 View
11-Nov-21 Public Health Engineering Department, Mirpur Khas 41 Jobs 11-Nov-21 View
28-Jun-21 Population Welfare Department, Mirpur Khas 46 Jobs 28-Jun-21 View
12-Jun-21 School Education and Literacy Department Sindh, Mirpur Khas 32 Jobs 12-Jun-21 View
07-Jun-21 Education Department Govt of Sindh, Mirpur Khas 1 Jobs 07-Jun-21 View
03-Jun-21 Provincial Building Division, Mirpur Khas 18 Jobs 03-Jun-21 View
01-Jun-21 Elementary and Secondary Education Department, Mirpur Khas 2 Jobs 01-Jun-21 View
30-May-21 Provincial Highway Division, Mirpur Khas 14 Jobs 30-May-21 View
27-May-21 Health Department Govt of Sindh, Mirpur Khas 8 Jobs 27-May-21 View
21-May-21 Sindh Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities, Mirpur Khas 4 Jobs 21-May-21 View
21-May-21 Sindh Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities, Mirpur Khas 6 Jobs 21-May-21 View
08-Apr-21 Local Govt and HTP Department Govt of Sindh, Mirpur Khas 1 Jobs 08-Apr-21 View
05-Apr-21 Mirpurkhas Sugar Mills Limited, Mirpur Khas 2 Jobs 05-Apr-21 View

Jobs in Mirpur-Khas

The Mirpur Khas city comes under the Sindh province. The cultivation of products including sugarcane, wheat, and rice is the foundation of Mirpur Khas' economy. In Mirpur Khas, you can find various job options. Current data is necessary to determine Mirpur Khas's employment situation. This page has the most recent and up-to-date information about the jobs in Mirpur Khas. Examine Internet job portals that serve the employment market in Pakistan. The latest Jobs in Mirpur Khas are frequently posted on our websites. You can search the online job portals as well. By sending your resume and fulfilling all the requirements, you can apply for the post.

Available Jobs in Mirpur-Khas

It is important to remember that different industries and sectors may have different job availability. Furthermore, work marketplaces and economic situations are subject to change, so it is a good idea to monitor current advancements in the city and frequently check local or online job boards. To find out about job in Mirpur-Khas, visit our job portal, different educational institutions, career counseling centers, or job placement offices. The latest jobs in Mirpur Khas can also be found on this page. Carefully check the available vacancies.

Jobs after Graduation in Mirpurkhas

The necessity of getting a job after graduation depends on some variables, such as your situation, objectives, and professional aspirations. Consider your long-term professional objectives. Certain jobs require immediate recruitment, while others may require further education, training, or specialty. According to your expertise and knowledge, you got selected in your desired job after graduation. After graduation, some people decide to take postgraduate coursework or advanced degrees before joining the job. This is especially typical in professions that call for higher degrees or specialized knowledge. The job can easily be found after passing the graduation.