Posted On Department / Company Jobs Last Date Details
24-Apr-24 Government Company, Hafizabad 25 Jobs 24-Apr-24 View
13-Oct-23 Punjab Police, Hafizabad 6 Jobs 13-Oct-23 View
19-Jan-22 Army Public School and College, Hafizabad 4 Jobs 19-Jan-22 View
08-Oct-21 District Public School (DPS), Hafizabad 2 Jobs 08-Oct-21 View
17-Apr-21 Pak Pakistan, Hafizabad 161 Jobs 17-Apr-21 View
06-Mar-21 BMR Arab Tech International, Hafizabad 550 Jobs 06-Mar-21 View
09-Feb-21 Health Department Govt of Punjab, Hafizabad 25 Jobs 09-Feb-21 View
08-Oct-20 Education Department, Hafizabad 31 Jobs 08-Oct-20 View
13-Aug-20 Daanish Schools Govt of Punjab, Hafizabad 4 Jobs 13-Aug-20 View
17-Jul-20 Irrigation Department Govt of the Punjab, Hafizabad 1 Jobs 17-Jul-20 View
29-Apr-20 Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department, Hafizabad 1 Jobs 29-Apr-20 View
09-Feb-21 Health Department Govt of Punjab, Hafizabad 1 Jobs 09-Feb-21 View
26-Nov-19 Office of The Deputy Commissioner, Hafizabad 10 Jobs 26-Nov-19 View

Jobs in Hafizabad

Welcome to this page to get the most recent updates regarding the jobs in Hafizabad. First, it is important to note that Hafizabad is a city that comes under Punjab province. We are here to give you the most recent information regarding the job opportunities that are currently available in Hafizabad. The job vacancies are posted on this page and different newspapers and websites through which you can apply. The jobs are announced in the healthcare department, educational department, manufacturing department, retail department, service department, and agriculture department. The teaching jobs in Hafizabad are available for males and females. You can also find female jobs in Hafizabad in various companies.

Available Jobs in Hafizabad

New Jobs in Hafizabad are available in Private Companies and Government Departments. You can find a job as a technician, electrician, driver, attendant, medical officer manager, etc. The jobs can be found in various organizations.  In the agriculture department, you can find the job as a food technologist. We have mentioned the job post and the deadlines along with that. It will help you applying to desire jobs. However, it is important to note that the information that you are giving must be correct to get selected for the Private Jobs in Hafizabad.

Government Jobs in Hafizabad

In Hafizabad, Pakistan, pursuing government employment is a common aspiration among the locals, offering stability and a sense of societal contribution. With a focus on enhancing the regions educational and health services, the government frequently announces vacancies, making education and health department jobs in Hafizabad highly sought after. Education jobs in Hafizabad, ranging from teaching positions to administrative roles within the education department, play a pivotal role in shaping the future generations of this vibrant community. Concurrently, the health sector is not behind, with the health department in Hafizabad advertising numerous opportunities for medical professionals, support staff, and administrative personnel, aiming to bolster the region's healthcare services. These initiatives underscore the government's commitment to improving public services, with the latest govt jobs in Hafizabad reflecting a diverse array of opportunities for those eager to serve in public sector roles. Whether contributing to the development of young minds or ensuring the community's well-being, govt jobs in Hafizabad offer a fulfilling path for individuals passionate about making a difference in their locality.