Test parts of ISSB Exam 2024

ISSB Selection Process Format 2024

Issb Preliminary Selection Test

As going through the proper ISSB Selection Procedure candidates must attempt issb preliminary test and interview.

Issb Initial Interview:

All the eligible candidate appear in the preliminary interview as before going to the Selection Board. Here is the list of interview stations like Peshawar, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Multan, Karachi, Quetta and Gujranwala, interview stations also available for candidates to select one of the nearest one and interview exact date, time and place will be send to the applicants email.


The selected candidates receive the call letter from its authority, all the important details are mentioned about the future issb test dates, course and ASRC name. Issb sends the call letter to each candidate’s home address through post. There is less chance that letter post delay and candidates do not receive a letter on time. To avoid this trouble, candidates must visit regularly the Official ISSB site to view online their call letter 2024. Also, download the call letter from the website.

4 Day ISSB Test Parts

During the stay In ISSB

Candidates must be stay 4 days at the ISSB. In the case of any emergency or number applicants increased due to interview then the stay duration period is shortened as per requirement.

At the Arrival Day in ISSB Board:

  • Reception.
  • Checking of Documents.
  • Allotment of ID / Chest number.
  • Photographs.
  • Administration Staff’s address.
  • Completion of Board Questionnaires. Here provided the sample of questionaries that help candidates to prepare themselves for the interview questionnaires section.

ISSB Sample of Questions:

  • Name of the Candidate In Capital.
  • Batch No.
  • Chest No.
  • Birth and province place.
  • Father’s name, age, occupations, income.
  • Mother nationality and age.
  • Mention Date of birth in year and days.
  • If any elder, younger, married and un-married sisters/brothers then mentioned in numbers.
  • Your hobbies, newspaper, magazines you like to read.
  • If you suffering any disease now or 1 month before then mention.
  • Describe record of service, if any.

1st Day

  • Opening Address by a Deputy President.
  • Intelligence Tests
  • Announcement of screening out result
  • Remaining Psychological Tests. If Candidate failed in Intelligent test then Screenout to attempt other tests.

ISSB Psychological Tests

Serial number. Test types Total MCQS TIME Duration Details
1. Verbal test 96 30 This test access individual ability how they make relation from different words to bases words or analogies.
Analysis of the Word Relationship, Coding correction Scheme or Decoding Correct number, etc.
2. NOn-Verbal Test 96 40 This test categorize into 3 parts that based only in the form of Figures or Diagrams.
1) Analogies: provided the solution of a figure to solve the problem figure.
2) Series: here provided the different types of a movement like, clockwise, anti-clockwise, increase, decrease, mathematics or abstract orders.
3) Illustration: provided the figure in the form of diving, pattern synthesis, movement.



if the candidates fail to pass the minimum passing requirement for the test are eliminated from the ISSB on the 1st day. For checking each candidate's performance, the final merit list prepares for access to all performance criteria by ISSB. It is advised to attempt all the MCQs with Correctly Answer. Then the candidates are allowed to attempt the remaining physiological and written tests on the same day.

Serial number. Test types Total MCQS TIME Duration Details
1. Mechanical test N/A N/A Different topic of MCQs are given like Mass, Time, Angle, Load, Fulcrums, working of Pulley layers or Principle Mechanism.
Carefully attempt the MCQs because Negative marking will be carry from each one Wrong marked MCQs.
2. Sentence Completion test 26 Urdu Sentences
26 English sentence
6 minutes time for each English or Urdu sentences Complete the sentences with good or positive thoughts, avoid the bed or negative completion of sentences.
3. Word association 100 words 1 word is displayed on projector for 10 sec Candidates must write positive or good sentences in fast as 1 word displayed on projector just 10 sec. For example: Love my Nation Love my motherland, etc.
4. Picture story or picture perception test 8 lines max 3 or 4 minutes for each picture Write the detailed story, describe each number of character, gender, places, surroundings, character feelings, emotions, acts, reactions, and before or after happening in the picture.

5) Self Description Test

After the attempt, all the tests, now individual describes themselves in detail. Candidates must state all the personal information, feelings, thoughts like father or mother name, occupational, family educational background, list of friends, hobbies, and interests. Point out 5 good and bad points, in good points speak the truth, honest, obedient or in bad points mentioned your wasting time material like video games, watching TV, quarrel with friends or siblings. But remember one thing never remark in a bad way about ISSB.

ISSB Selection System

2nd Day

  • Briefing
  • Indoor Tasks
  • Group Discussion
  • Group Planning
  • Outdoor Tasks
  • Progressive Group Task (PGT)
  • Half Group Task (HGT)
  • Interviews


These task held early in the morning around 7am or 8 am.

Group Discussion

Different types of Topic given in English or Urdu form, candidates must be speak in positive manner with good discussion. While discussion, speak good or polite manner, avoid criticize other, and don’t remark negatively. Always speak in the proper manner like 1st chance to speak then 2nd chance to speak and so on.

Self speech

Details:  2 minutes allocated to speech in any assign topic.

Group planning or model discussion.

In this discussion, the GTO assign asked the candidates to provide solution about the assign model and any other questions like number of peoples in a car, objects, road and find out the solution and asked at any time from any candidates. Carefully remember everything while discussion, if the GTO does not got your point then lead to rejection.

Outdoor tasks

Timing:Start immediately after indoor tasks.

Serial number. Test types TIME Duration Details
1. Progressive tasks Max. 30 to 50 minutes 6 members group with 2 wood logs, 1 thick small sized wood and one drum
2. Half group tasks 15 minutes Two obstacle having one Tyre in between them.3 group members

3rd Day

  • Individual Obstacles. Total/MCQs:  9 obstacles. Time given:2 or 3 minute only
  • Command Task: Total/MCQs:Three obstacles. Time given:20 minutes.
  • Final Group Task (FGT)
  • Interviews (leftovers)

4th Day

  • Conferences
  • Preparation of all the results
  • Dispersal of candidates

ISSB Selection Process For Female:

  • There is No any separate criteria for the selection of female candidates as in any field events. Female students can apply for two proportions like psychologist test and interview.
  • Female candidates will be Excluded for Applying in GD or CAE in which three dimensions take place like Interview, GTO Tasks, and Psychological assessment.
  • GTO Global Threat Overview tasks are the different types of exercises that a candidate can perform individually and collectively for different tasks. Also, those associated with different candidates in the group.

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