ISSB Guidelines for Defense Forces In Pakistan

ISSB Instruction 2024

  • Inter Selection Services Pakistan is the Best Services to choose the military as well as the civil individual for the affluence of the state.
  • Inter selection services training as well as leadership for taking test is the best test for Pakistanis who have a wish to join the Defense forces in Pakistan through the Inter Selection Services Board Pakistan.
  • The Selection Board is searching for a lot of things, For Example: clear thinking, the capability to remain calm under stress and the strain as well, team abilities and the enthusiasm for participation.
  • We don't want you to show the impulsiveness or hostility; neither do we require you to be dull or sad. Be Honest, Straightforward and Be frank.
  • Don't show Over-Perception, false projection and the superficial behavior.
  • For many years some of the private institutes as well as ISSB Coaching Centers have burgeoned in the country to train the aspirant for passing ISSB test.

ISSB General Information

ISSB Boarding and Lodging Facilities

Candidates provided the messing and lodging free of cost at ISSB. You pay payment for the washing clothes and pressed. It is observed that when candidates comes in the board, they eat unhealthy and unhygienic things so it is advised to eat healthy and hygienic to avoid any stomach pain that directly affect yours performance.

What important items bring with you?

Items for male candidates:

Must bring 1 pair each for Shorts white, Canvas Joggers, Socks White, White Sport shirt and Track suit or Sweater ( in winter).

Items for Female Candidates:

Must bring 1 pair each for Shorts white, Canvas Joggers, Socks White, White Sport shirt and Track suit or Sweater ( in winter).

NOTE: above all the mentioned things, the candidates can be purchased by Payment on Cash.

ISSB Special Information For Females:

  • Female candidates must wear respectable dress as per society norms.
  • Must bring Set of hair band or safety pins.
  • Hair must be neatly tied or nails must be properly cut.
  • Don’t wear any items of jewelry according tasks
  • Don’t required to wear Tracksuit for Outdoor activities.

ISSB Important Documents:

Candidates must bring their original documents as fullows:

  • Only Original Matric Certificate accepted. Any result card or date sheet not accepted.
  • Detailed Matric marks sheet or Result card.
  • The Original Certificate of Intermediate is compulsory.
  • In the case of “o” or “A” Level, equivalence certificate or birth certificate is mandatory.
  • Any type of Plastic Coating is not allowed on Degree.
  • If any higher course demanding on the post then must bring certificate for evidence.

Medical facilities in issb Pakistan

From the government of Pakistan, there will be not any responsibility for provided the compensation to any injury during test. For every possible medical assistance must provide fee. Any serious injuries are treated at Mility Hospitals.

Miscelllenenous Things

  • Any sharp of favor like SIFARISH from your side and behalf of others will strictly prohibited for the entry test board selection. If any misuse found then excluded from broad or never take part again.
  • It is not allowed to approach directly or indirectly to the inter selection board, if any viulation take place then terminated from board.
  • Students are not allowed to leave the site of board early before time.
  • Be ensure for the stately of your important things. No one is responsible for any lose.
  • Mobile phone is not used in the place of board. If you take cell along with you then it will be cullected at the arrival time and return from the time of departure.
  • All important photograph must take along with at the arrival time.
  • Students must bring their important utility things like towel, brush and other necessaries. 
  • Must bring your written material like: blue, black pen or ink.
  • Female students will not bring their jewelry or like these items along with them.

ISSB Test Guidelines 2024

ISSB General Guidelines


The candidate can tell a lot from the appearance of a person. Show us candidate have got a sense of own pride.


Self-confidence and maturity is largely the product of knowledge. The applicant can strengthen these qualities by contributing in-group activities, taking on responsibility as well as exercising independence.


We search for people with good expression, it might be Urdu or English, clear direction, a good vocabulary as well as a sense of grammar. Try to develop these by combining in debates and group discussions.

Academic Ability:

Good academic results mean that the candidate will be good at captivating the training of advanced as well as sophisticated equipment. Make your English and Mathematics good.


If you have the above mentioned qualities, then you will have a greater potential for leadership training. Try and search out positions of accountability in academic, youth, social or in the sports activities.


Take satisfactory physical exercise in the run up before you bang at the ISSB.


The candidate must be convincing as well as sincere in his motives for wanting to join armed forces. The candidate must be sure that he actually knows for what and why he is applying.


We are searching for the individuals with the consciousness of the world about them, as well as an interest in military issues. Discuss the present matters and defense issues with your parents, teachers as well as with your friends and keep yourself updated with the most readable newspapers.

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  • Tayyab Malik

    18 Jan 2023

    I want to join pak army as a second leftinint but i have no information about issb and other tests kindely inform me


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