Sir Creek originally known as ban Ganga is a water dispute between Pakistan and India. It is a 96 KM marshland of the Indus River that makes a boundary line between Pakistan and India. The creek floats into the Arabian Sea and it separates the Gujarat state of India from the Sindh province of Pakistan.

Resolutions To Resolve This Dispute

Before independence or separation of the sub-continent, the area was a part of the British Raj. After independence Sindh nominated as the part of Pakistan and Gujarat remained a part of India. In 1968, the larger Great Rann of Kutch border claims of India and Pakistan was resolved by an international tribunal. This case also covered the Sir Creek issue. India received 90% of its requests whereas Pakistan received 10% of its requests under this resolution. However, the elements of this dispute remained with conflicting claims from both sides, Pakistan and India.

There have been twelve rounds of talks between Pakistan and India held from 1997 to 2012. During the fourth round in 2008, both of the nations based on a joint survey agreed to a joint map of the area. The steps such as allocation, delimitation, demarcation, and administration were included to resolve this issue.

The boundaries demarcated between Pakistan and India under the 1968 tribunal. It was claimed by Pakistan that the Creek comes as a part of Sindh. According to paragraphs 9 and 10 of the Sindh Government Resolution of 1914 signed between Rao Maharaj of Kutch and the Government of Sindh Division, Pakistan claims for the entire Creek.  

How To Resolve The Issue

Well, the issue of Sir Creek is one of the many disputes between these two nations. The issue is small in quantum but can potentially be large that can lead to unlucky events of the war between these two nations. Under this situation, it is the responsibility of these two governments to avoid such unlucky events by erasing such problems. The solution to this dispute would also give birth to other solutions and will declare both of the nations the peaceful nations in front of the world.


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