University of Peshawar Launches Research to find Genetics Basis of Schizophrenia

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  • 14-Nov-2018

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The department of Pharmacy, University of Peshawar has launched a research programme to find out relation of genetics with disease of schizophrenia. 10,000 schizophrenic patients will be enrolled in this research project. The genetics basis will be researched in context with cousin marriages. The pharmacy department of University of Peshawar has launched this research project in collaboration with Prof Dr James Knowles of State University, New York and Dr Muhammad Ayub, Professor of subject of Psychiatry Queen’s University Canada.

These two renowned professors have paid visit to University of Peshawar campus, where they delivered lectures regarding awareness about mental health and mental diseases. Their lectures are part of this research project. The two professors will be exchanging ideas and finding methods with faculty members and students of University of Peshawar in this research project.

Depression, Anxiety and Hypertension are common mental disorders which lead to a number of diseases if they are left without treatment. Chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and several other diseases have direct link with these mental diseases. But unfortunately, there is not much awareness about mental health in Pakistan. Mental health treatment is regarded as a taboo. People feel shame to talk about mental illness.

There is almost near to zero availability of mental health consultancy institutes for students as well. The rate of Pakistani students committing suicide due to peer-pressure, pressure to maintain good grades, depression, stress and unhealthy academic competition enforced by parents is rising day by day. Mental health is the most neglected subject in Pakistan.

There should be concrete efforts in deliberation of treatment procedures and diagnosis of mental diseases for students and general public. Regular seminars and conferences must be organized in Universities and Colleges. By the time, the diseases are diagnosed, the patient reaches in later stages of treatment and the damage is often beyond repair. The students should be guided about taking their mental issues seriously, and they should be educated about feeling no shame in seeking help.

Every mental illness starts from minor issues but reaches to severity and obsession because of negligence. Schizophrenia is one of those. It too starts with depression and isolating of a person from social life. Insomnia is one of the bases of this deadly disease as well. The need is to take these signs seriously and seek help medical help instead of treating it at home until it has become beyond control of patient and his/her family.

The courses related to psychology are being taught in many renowned Universities and Colleges of Pakistan. Government College University (GCU), Punjab University Lahore, Bahria University, Beacon house National University (BNU), Kinnaird College for Women University Lahore, Foundation University Islamabad, Islamabad, Women institute for learning Abbottabad and NUR International University Lahore have best psychology departments in Pakistan.

The factors prevailing mental diseases in Pakistan is mainly related to culture and poverty. To get rid from it awareness on local and national level must be run by Government and private educational sector.



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