A large number of teachers, Ulema and scholars took part in the workshop on Counter Terrorism being held on Monday at Baluchistan University of Information Technology. The role of educators in shaping character of students was the main theme of discussions. The prime reason of organizing this workshop was to encourage and remind teachers their role in building peace, religious tolerance, and goodwill in students by educating them.

The curriculum and lectures can play a vital role in eliminating extremist approach, barbarism and narrow mindedness from minds of students and change their perception for progress. The Director of Islamic Research Institute (IRI) Islamabad also shed light on the topic. He said, ‘We all seem to have a role in some way in the spread of such strife, when we are at peace within ourselves, only then we can make the society peaceful. We can enjoy life only when there is peace and love in the society.’

The speakers of the workshop shared same views regarding terrorism, it was discussed that responsibility of widespread terrorism around the world goes to everyone. Only one culture, country, religion or sect cannot be blamed. It was developed by all of us. Now, the solution will not occur from blame game, it requires taking responsibility and eliminating the reason from root, for that teachers and ulemas can play vital role. They should spread message of peace and tranquility to their listeners and students so that a peaceful society in Pakistan can be formed. The content to counter terrorism should be added in curriculum of academic courses and programmes and its implementation must be assured on national level.

The speakers elaborated by saying, ‘Instinctively humans are peaceful but circumstances compel them to opt for wrong paths in their lives. If we want peace, we will have to promote the positive approaches to life; Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) in his last sermon taught us the lesson of basic human rights. It is need of the hour to review our curricula to include human rights, which will help counter the trends of extremism and sectarianism among youth.’ HEC and NACTA had also signed a memorandum in October, 2018, in which it was decided to review the existing syllabus and add content in syllabus to counter terrorism in Pakistani universities and Madaris.

The workshop concluded that the goal of establishing a peaceful society cannot be achieved without training of faculty members to instill values of tolerance, coexistence, pluralism and moderation in students of Madaris and Universities. The speakers at the workshop shed light on stages of terrorism and its implications in the society to get a better understanding about this impending disease of extremism. It was discussed that specifically Ulemas can establish peace by approaching their listeners and students; they can mold their thinking to help in promotion of peace and tranquility.

A good teacher always knows about the characteristics of his students, teachers and ulemas can engage students in debates and evaluate the element of extremism through their opinions. That way, the teachers can play role of tutor to particularly teach those students whose approach they think need to be amended, this procedure can save the disease of extremism from spreading to other students of an educational institute or society.


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