The Female Teacher Found A Unique Solution To Take Online Classes

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  • 15-Jun-2020

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A chemistry teacher in India has come up with a unique solution to take online classes, a move that is being hailed on social media.
online classes in india
Corona virus has also closed educational institutions around the world, which has led to the introduction of online education.
Numerous people are also having difficulty working and studying online and we are seeing strange phenomena from all over the world in this regard.
Now a chemistry teacher in India has taken a class by making a tripod with the help of a hanger, cloth and chair to keep his mobile phone for online classes which is getting a lot of discussion on social media.
online classes in india
A twitter user @PishuMon shared on his account the picture of a female teacher who was filming the chemistry lecture with his mobile. with the description:
"I don't know where or who. But this picture made my day. A teacher setting up their online class with available resources. [Red heart] There is so much passion in this picture that makes me overwhelmed"
in which he seems proud of the lady teacher for her act.


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