Social media is phenomenon of 21st century. It has tremendous impact on our social interactions and communication mechanism. Are we even alive if we don’t own a social media account? It amazes people when you tell them you are not on social media as it is some sort of abnormality. Whether it is business market or academic information, social media has it all. As every known entity has merits and demerits, social media has its own set of unique features. The top merits and demerits of social media are as follows:


1- Connection Beyond Borders:

World has become a small village under the umbrella of social media. You can connect with anyone and everyone through medium of social media in just matter of seconds.

2- Education Source for Students and Teachers:

Whether there is announcement for admissions, training courses, professional knowledge, trends of job markets or academic guidance and educating tools, it is all their in social media for those seeking.

3- Awareness of Current Affairs and Participation in Noble Causes:

It does not matter anymore if you switch on news channel on your TV. You have social media to inform you what is happening in politics, climate change, entertainment industry and economical sector. You can voice your opinions, participate in noble causes, appear in campaigns and contribute your share for justice through medium of social media.

4- Economic Progress:

Social media is owned by people, promoted by people and used by people. It is medium of people. Social media has initiated many jobs, promoted businesses, created businesses that were not available before its existence. Social media has made an outstanding impact for raising employability and economic growth of the world.

5- Sense of Community:

By virtue of social media, people are able to relate with others and share their mutual problems to create solutions.


1- Addicted to Screens:

It worrisome what addictive use of social media will result to millennial generation after a decade. It will cause serious health issues, depressive episodes, social anxieties for face to face interactions and eye diseases.

2- Cyber Crime and Bullying:

Having opinions and projecting voice on noble causes is one thing but bullying and judging everyone based on maxims is another. Social media has produced intolerance, unhealthy criticism, bullying while keeping anonymity and stalking issues for the society.

3- Breach of Privacy:

We are no more living our private lives. We have publicized our outings, personal pictures, the food we eat and our personal views. We are doing this all without knowledge, without considering criminal minded people, who can come after us for looting, for black mailing and for destroying our reputation.

4- Amp Up the Glamour Quotient:

For the sake of getting more followers the youth of today is going to any extreme. Almost every day there is a news of death making tik tok video and illegitimate relationships brewed on social media, Students feel peer pressure of glamorizing just to be like everyone else.

5- Adopting Bad Company:

Access of information is necessary for education but access to everything at young age can lead to disastrous life decisions. Our generation is exposed to threat of bad company majorly; social media is offering access to anonymous people who can be drug addicts, scams and fake friends.


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