Sindh Government Decided To Promote Students From 1st to 8th Class Without Exams

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  • 13-May-2020

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Sindh Education Minister Syed Ghani declared that students of 1st to 8th class are going to be promoted in the next classes without exams. The decision regarding 9th to 12th class student’s exams will be declared today.

During a press conference in Karachi Syed Ghani told media that schools are not going to be reopened on 1st June. A new date will be announced after a few days. According to him, we have to change our living styles in this Corona Pandemic. This is the only way that can save us from further destruction.


                                People need to change their lifestyle due to Corona Virus; different models are in progress to make sure the continuity of the education sector. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Syed Ghani


Minister also said we cannot keep schools and colleges closed because it is affecting student’s education. We are going to announce an online education system in a few days.  Sindh Education Minister Syed Ghani addressed Media in Karachi.

Why Sindh Government Looking Over The Decision So Much

The main reason behind so much discussion about board students is due to the board rules and regulations. Sindh government wants to come up with solutions that take care of all the matter at once. They don’t want students to face any legal issues in the future.

Due to board rules and regulation students of the board cannot be promoted without exams. Provincial education minister Shafqat Mahmood is trying to control the situation. A new committee has been formed which is looking over all this matter and trying to come up with a better solution to the situation.

Why the Sindh Government is Taking Time To Promote Students

The main reason behind the pending decision of board students is because they don’t want students to face any legal issues in the future. According to Sindh Minister, even the decision of promoting students of 1st to 8th class is shady.

The decision of promoting students will be taken after undergoing their previous results. If any students have failed any subjects in past he/she is going to reappear in them after the situation gets under control.

Keeping all of this in mind, we know that last Thursday Prime Minister Imran Khan had a meeting with NCC. In this meeting, he announced that the lockdown is going to be eased up after 9th May and the education department is closed till 15th July.



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