Religious Scholars Demand To Reopen The Seminaries Across The Country

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  • 01-Jun-2020

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The Religious Scholars urged the government to consider the reopening of madrassas across the country. An emergency meeting was held at Jamia Islamia for Bannin and Banat Sharifabad in Mardan to discuss this matter and it was chaired by the Nazim Maulana Hussain Ahmed.


Agenda Of The Meeting

The agenda of the meeting was to hold the dialogue with the government officials regarding the reopening of the religious seminaries. Speaking about the precautionary measures scholars added that the standard operating procedures will be strictly followed to contain the spread of the virus. Maulana Ahmed said that the novel coronavirus pandemic has severely affected the seminaries and now it’s time to reopen them. He furthermore said that the religious scholars have supported all the decisions of the government about the implementation of the lockdown and the ban of the congregation prayers in the mosques.
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Government Attitude Towards Ulemas

Maulana Ahmed was not satisfied with the government performance as he clearly stated that we had cooperated with the government in the critical time and the government disregarded us. He mentioned about the unfriendly behavior of the governments towards the ulema and rendered it unacceptable as they are also an important part of the country having strong influences on the religious matters. It is evident that the lockdown would not have been implemented without the assistance of the ulema as they follow the government decision and halt the offering of the prayers in the mosque by asking the people to stay at the home and save from the lethal effects of the virus.

Issuance of Statement 

At the end of the meeting, a statement was issued that declared that religious seminaries are ready to follow the standard operating procedures so the government should allow them to reopen.

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